Rogue and Wicked

Who killed Tiffany Valiante?

October 28, 2022 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 1
Rogue and Wicked
Who killed Tiffany Valiante?
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Show Notes

We dive deep into the mystery of NJ local, Tiffany Valiante. This episode includes a suspicious death that is still unsolved. Join us as we explain theories we have and help us solve this cold case.

Trigger warning! This episode includes cursing and graphic descriptions of the medical examiner's report. If you cannot handle gore, then this is not the episode for you.

Who Killed Tiffany Valiante? Questions Persist of Her Mysterious Death (

Evidence in Tiffany Valiante's death was mishandled, report says | Local News |

Teen died on the tracks. State called it a suicide, but NJ Transit bungled the evidence, analysis finds -

South Jersey Lawyer | Justice for Tiffany Valiante Case (

Was High School Grad Being Chased Before Grisly Train Death? (

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