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Jeffrey Dahmer Part 2

December 23, 2022 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 9
Jeffrey Dahmer Part 2
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Jeffrey Dahmer Part 2
Dec 23, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9

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After watching the show dahmer (well done btw) I saw a lot of people who didn't know who dahmer was, empathizing with him because they didn't show the real atrocities of his crimes.  I dove deep into the case and used the confessions from dahmer the night he was arrested and his fathers book to explain who the real dahmer was. 

lets stop empathizing with murderers

"A father's Story" - By Lionel Dahmer

"Grilling Dahmer: The interrogation of 'the Milwaukee Cannibal'"- 
By Patrick Kennedy and Robyn Maharaj 

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Script's, Editing, Social Media and the Creator of the show: Tiffany
Co-host and author of the book series "sage": Wendy
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After watching the show dahmer (well done btw) I saw a lot of people who didn't know who dahmer was, empathizing with him because they didn't show the real atrocities of his crimes.  I dove deep into the case and used the confessions from dahmer the night he was arrested and his fathers book to explain who the real dahmer was. 

lets stop empathizing with murderers

"A father's Story" - By Lionel Dahmer

"Grilling Dahmer: The interrogation of 'the Milwaukee Cannibal'"- 
By Patrick Kennedy and Robyn Maharaj 

Check out our patreon if you are so inclined:

check out my costar wendy's newish book "sage"

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Script's, Editing, Social Media and the Creator of the show: Tiffany
Co-host and author of the book series "sage": Wendy
Music by Bo Todd


I want to first start this off with the hoopla the series dahmer has stirred up. I originally didn't want to do this case because I thought it was so well known that I couldn't bring any information that hasn't been seen in a documentary all ready. There's a whole new generation of kids who are learning about this for the first time. This generation has a lot of misinformation because while the series was pretty accurate with events, it left a lot of things out.  I'm not talking shit on the series because it was really good. I loved it because it sort of got you into the head space of the killer but also did something a series never did before. Which was show real life scenarios of social injustice and the community after his persecution. 


Before we start, people keep talking about how jeff just wanted to be loved and lay next to his victims. That’s all they showed in the series. I just want you to know, there’s a huge trigger warning here, because while he cut up and dismembered bodies he also raped all of these men prior to killing them and then raped their corpses afterwards. He didn’t just want to lay with them. He sexually assaulted all of the men he killed and drugged a plethora of other men, raped them and let them go. Hes a rapist, a necrophile and a piece of shit. So I decided to do this to make sure people know the extent of this piece of shits crimes before they say “ oh well he just wanted to be loved”. 


So with that here it is... 


Lionel dahmer and Joyce had married in 1959. Two months after they married Joyce became pregnant with their first son. Her pregnancy was very hard. She suffered from nausea and noise sensitivity which caused arguments between her and Lionel. The neighbors cooking really did her in and she wanted Lionel to confront the neighbors about the smells and noises. Lionel wasn't a confrontational man so they decided to move in with his mother and father in West Allis Wisconsin. 


Joyce began to suffer from emotional turmoil during the pregnancy and seizures where she would froth at the mouth and jerk all around. It became so bad they went to see a dr. Unfortunately the dr said that he thought her ailments were brought on by emotional distress and not a physical ailment. The dr had her take a cornucopia of prescription medication during her one point she was taking up to 26 pills a day. She quit her job because of unrelenting nausea and she developed extreme anxiety. Which left her trapped in the home without a license with lionels parents when he left for work. He was a chemist. 


They were complete opposites which caused a ton of conflict. Joyce was running on pure emotion and Lionel was very reserved and a non emotional man, with a scientific brain. So in the years following the birth of their son, this time 

set the precedence for their turbulent marriage. 


On May 21st, 1960 Jeffrey Lionel dahmer was born. He was healthy but had an orthopedic correction to his leg for a minor deformity. So he came home with a little cast on his leg. 


Joyce found bottle feeding disturbing and after a little while she began to dread breast feeding her child. So she decided to bound her chest to dry up the milk ducts and started bottle feeding jeffrey. 


Her emotional state was deteriorating more and conflicts would happen between Joyce and lionels parents. She withdrew from everyone and isolated herself in her room. She even ran away once and was found in a field near by with nothing but a 

night gown draped over her. 


Lionel seen no resolution to the conflict with his mother and Joyce so they moved to van beuren street on the east side of Milwaukee. It was a one bedroom apartment in a huge old house that had been divided into 6 apartments. Lionel was working at Marquette University near the apartment and in September of 1962, Lionel was offered a graduate assistance program in the doctorate program at Iowa state university. The family packed up and moved on campus in ames Iowa. But they soon found a house near the campus and they moved yet again. 


Lionel was very busy with running a laboratory and handling students. He had worked in a research facility and that meant long hours away from home trying to built 

a better life for his family. This caused Joyce's mental state to deteriorate further. The arguments became so heated that Joyce would pull out kitchen knives and threaten Lionel with them. Even stabbing at him and shaking the knives. 


Jeff was a happy child and they would frequent festivals, parades and the zoo but every other week Jeff was coming down with infections. With the infections came hospital visits that would prompt injections into his buttocks. They were so raw at one point that he ferociously fought the doctors because he was in pain. 


When Jeff was 4 his mother complained about an odor coming from under the house. Lionel found a pile of chevets bones. They are small animals akin to a skunk. Something was feasting on these creatures so Lionel put all of the bones in a bucket and set it down on the ground. Jeff kept picking up the bones and letting them fall to the ground, giggling at the sound they were making. Picking them up and dropping them again. He turned and looked at Lionel and said they are "like fiddlesticks". Lionel thought it was odd but brushed it off as childhood curiosity. Hindsight is 20 20. He even speaks of a time that Jeff kept playing with his belly button and asked his father what would happen if someone cut it out. Again it was odd but he was a child so he didn't think much of it. 


Lionel even talks about Jeff being captivated by a fishes guts when he was small. He questioned every nuance of his sons curiosity when he found out the extensiveness of his crimes. Was it curiosity? Or was it a sign? All of this can be found in lionels book "a fathers story". Which I must say is a very good read. 


Lionel noticed Jeff's lack of physical contact as he aged. Which trickled into sports. He didn't like contact play sports. He also didn't like competition. Jeff was nonconfrontational, like his father, and only liked games with defined rules. He liked games that were about concealment and stalking. Ie kick the can, ghost in the graveyard and hide and seek. Sometimes when Lionel would come home for break to eat lunch he would catch Jeff hiding in the bushes or hiding behind a tree but since Jeff was in his own world, Lionel just let him be. 


At this point Lionel was working so much he rarely seen his family at all. He would catch Jeff in split second embraces. A quick hug, or come home to him running around playing and then lionel would be back to work or going to bed. 


In 1964 Jeff was complaining about pain in his groin regen and a lump appeared in his scrotum. He had a double hernia when it was corrected he was in so much pain he asked if the dr had cut off his penis. His father noticed a huge change in jeff after the surgery. He became extremely inward and didn't really socialize with anyone anymore. Lionel had a guilt he hung onto that because he was so busy he couldn't recall the day the light went out in his sons eyes. He just wasn't present enough to really pay attention to what was going on in Jeff's own little world. 


In 1966 Joyce gave birth to Jeff's younger brother David. Joyce had become so anxious that she didn't engage with anyone anymore. Jeff was entering first grade at this time. Jeff had a dread for others and a severe lack of self confidence. He always stood very erect and kept his fingers pressed tightly to his legs. He steered clear of the other kids and kept to himself. This is who he would be for the rest of his life. 


Jeff's teachers noticed his unusual behavior also. During a meeting his teacher said in the school yard, Jeff stayed away from the other kids and would pace back and forth doing nothing. He found no joy in any school assignments and although he was polite he didn't really care about anything. She told Lionel that Jeff was reclusive and painfully shy but said she would do what she could to bring Jeff around. That never happened however.. 


Joyce had become increasingly depressed and stopped doing all the normal child rearing duties. So Lionel had to say home and pick up the slack. Which he happily did. He and Jeff spent a lot of time together getting ice cream sodas and going for walks with their family dog. 


Lionel and Joyce moved again to a rented house in Barberton and Jeff befriended the neighbor boy behind their house. That Halloween they dressed as devils and Lionel remembers holding that picture and thinking that he couldn't believe his son would become so afraid of intimacy with other people that he would become who he later became. 


When Jeff thought back to his childhood, he described his parents showing him love, being kind to him but that his parents fought a lot and jeff would hide in his room when they would argue and that he knew his mother and father loved him. 


Jeff took to one of his teachers who treated him nicely. He brought the teacher in a present, a jar of tadpoles he had caught. He later found out that she had gifted the tad poles to his friend Lee. Later that night he snuck into Lee's garage and poured motor oil into the jar. Killing the tadpoles. That was the first incident where he killed an animal to anyone's knowledge. 


Around age 15 Lionel introduced Jeff to body building go try to get his confidence up. He even bought him a weightlifting set to start him out and Jeff seemed really interested. At the time Jeff has zero friends and no love interests. He just walked around without a purpose completely isolated from thr world and seemed depressed. But like tennis, his bow and arrow set, and other interests, Jeff abandoned body building after a year. 


I found conflicting information about this. In a father’s story, Lionel said he didn't know about the animals that Jeff was dismembering on his own and didn't know about his obsession with them. 


But according to Grilling dahmer, Jeff confessed that he would walk around the neighborhood when his parent would fight and would find dead animals along the way. In his confessions he claims he went to lionel to ask him how to strip the flesh off of the roadkill and save the bones. Being that lionel was a chemist he showed jeff different chemicals that would dissolve the flesh and tendons. Jeff told investigators his father was proud he took an interest in bones. Jeff said he and lional made his own private cemetery on the side of the shed to bury his experiments. He also had a dogs head on a stake in a secluded part of the woods. 


Regardless of whether Lionel showed jeff how to do this or not, lionels intentions were pure. Unfortunately however Jeff claimed that the sight of the internal organs and cutting of flesh became arousing and sexually stimulated him. He did this practice up until he was 14. 


Jeff's budding adolescence had him fantasizing about Strangulation and lying with motionless bodies. He knew from the first moment of puberty that he was gay. He never spoke about it, he never had given any hints that he was having these violent gay sexual fantasies. Jeff spoke in one word answers with his parents. Mumbled under his breath. He did what most people do who have demons inside of them they can't suppress. Jeff drowned them with alcohol. By the time he finished High-school he was a full fledged alcoholic. 


Joyce was having violent fits where she would shake uncontrollably and collapse from exhaustion. Her mental health was even worse than before. The drs had her on Valium, equinel, and sleeping pills. 


Classmates of jeffrey remember him during this time drinking alcohol in school and mimicking his mother to make the other kids like him. Jeff would go to school and jerk around in front of the other kids, screeching loudly, and flailing all over to get a laugh. The kids remembered him being an outcast who pulled pranks but really didn't have any friends. One of the pranks he pulled was sneaking into all of the clubs while they were taking photos for the year book. He just randomly stood in the back and was visible in all of the year book pictures.



It was when Jeff was 17 that he started stalking a potential victim. A jogger used to run by Jeff's house every day. He used to fantasize about this jogger and wanted to get closer to him. Jeff planned to hit this man over the head with a baseball bat and have sex with him before he woke up. So he waited for the jogger with a baseball bat. The jogger never came that day. Lucky him. 


In 1970 Joyce was admitted into a psychiatric hospital on two separate occasions. Once she discharged herself and the second time she was hospitalized for a month. She even spotted a ufo and chased it going 60 miles an hour. That story was written up in the beacon journal. 

In 1977 Joyce's father died. She came home and told Lionel when she saw her dad's body lying there that she thought their marriage was dead too. So they divorced and she had gotten custody of David. Jeff was almost 18 years old so he was pretty much an adult. 


One day Joyce decided to abandon Jeff at the house and move out with her son David. She took off and that's when Jeff committed his first murder. 3 weeks after he graduated high school. 


In 1978 Steven Mark Hicks, 18 years old was Last seen hitchhiking to a rock concert in Chippewa Lake Park in Bath, Ohio. what caught jeffs attention was the fact that hicks was bare-chested. Jeff brought hicks back to his home and had a few beers with him. Hicks kissed Jeff and it was the first gay experience he had. He liked it so much he wanted to keep drinking and touching but hicks wanted to leave. They had gotten into an argument and then a scuffle. Hicks was bigger than Jeff and had the upper hand in the fight until Jeff grabbed a barbell that didn't have the weights attached, bludgeoned him, then strangled him to death. Jeff hid the body in the brush outside for a period of time before he dismembered him. Jeff originally tried to dispose of the body while drunk, in garbage bags. The police had pulled him over for swerving in the road. 


The police let him go because even though he was speeding he looked sober enough. The officer shined his flash light into the backseat where the bags were. Jeff's excuse was that he promised his grandmother he would take the trash to the dump and figured while he was going for a drive anyway he might as well take the trash. That his parents were getting divorced so he had a few beers with friends and was taking it pretty hard. The police officer took a little pity on Jeff and let him go. 


Jeff decided to pulverize Hicks remains with a hammer and scattered them in the woods behind the home in Bath, Ohio. In a confession to police he said he was spinning in a circle as he let the wind scatter hicks pulverized remains. 


Jeff's drinking became so bad that he was trashing the house and having strangers over. Lionel couldn't get a hold of Joyce and stopped by the house to see where she was. That's when he stumbled upon a party Jeff was having with a bunch of tripping teenagers. They were acting strange and he saw the coffee table had a pentagram drawn on it where Jeff conducted a seance. 


Lionel moved back into the home in Ohio with his new wife Sherri to keep an eye on Jeff. Which didn't work much. His friend had stolen two rings from Sherri and she caught Jeff day drinking. Lionel forced him into college to try to shape him up but his roommates told Lionel that Jeff was drunk all the time and couldn't get up for his classes. So he flunked out. Jeff gave Lionel every excuse in the book as to why he had bad grades and couldn't make it to his classes. 


Jeff's first arrest happened when Lionel went to pick him up at the mall but Jeff was drunk. So Lionel left him there and said when he sobered up he would come back and get him. When no call came he drove back to the mall but Jeff was gone. He had gotten arrested hours before for a drunken disorderly. Lionel bailed him out. Jeff refused to get a job or to go to counseling so Lionel told him he had to go into the army to shape him up. Jeff joined the united states army in January of 1979. 


Jeff's whole demeanor changed in the two years he was in the army and he seemed like a brand new person to Lionel. More confident and smiling brightly. But that was short lived because shortly after his tour in Germany, Jeff was honorably discharged for his alcoholism. He didn't come home right away though, Jeff stayed in Miami Florida and was working at the sunshine sub shop. Jeff soon ran out of money and was living on the beach so he moved back to Ohio to stay with his father. 


After only two weeks Jeff was arrested again for a drunken disorderly at the Ramada inn for drinking out of a vodka bottle at the bar. When asked to leave he stood in the doorway drinking the bottle and then had gotten violent with the police and was incarcerated briefly. He went right back to drinking. 


It was at this time that Lionel and Sherri decided their last hope was to send him to go visit with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. Jeff didn't want to come back home and told his father he was going to stay there. They developed a symbiotic relationship. She cooked and cleaned for him and he helped with all the men stuff. Jeff even found a job working as a phlebotomist at a nearby blood bank. He would attend church services with his grandmother and tried to remain sober. He thought the religious life would help him with his dark side but he continues to masturbate constantly and at night would wait until his grandmother went to sleep before resuming drinking again. 


His dark fetishes drove him to steal vials of blood and bring them back to his grandmothers house. He drank the blood directly from the vials. A strange way to be close to his necromancy. Jeff did attend counseling at AA which made his family think he was getting better. Jeff would stay 

with his grandmother for the next 6 years.


Jeff realized he couldn’t deny his sexuality any longer after a visit to the library. It was there that a man dropped a crumpled up piece of paper in front of him that said "if you want a blow job meet me in the bathroom, five minutes"..  that’s when he decided to give into his dark fantasies. 


During that time, his grandmother would call Sherri to confide in her all of the disturbing things she was seeing while Jeff was living under her roof. 


One of those stories was that Jeff had stolen a full size mannequin and had it fully clothed in his closet. Lionel asked how Jeff had gotten the mannequin and he told him that he stole it from a department store. Piece by piece, putting it into shopping bags and just walked out. 


Jeff's grandmother also found a gun underneath his bed which alarmed her also. Lionel drove to the house and confiscated the gun and sold it to a dealer. 


During this time Jeff discovered the guy nightlife. He would frequent bars around town and bring home strangers to have sex in his grandmothers basement. On occasions he would take them to local hotels. 


Jeff even frequented bath houses and started drugging patrons of the bathhouse. He would take dates there but the halcion would give the patrons terrible headaches and they complained about him. One occasion a patron stopped breathing and Jeff was barred by staff management. 




On November 20th 1987 Jeff picked up Steven tuomi at a local gay bar. The two of them took a cab to the ambassador hotel in Milwaukee. While at the hotel Jeff was black out drunk and the two were laying naked together on the bed, which was the last thing jeff remembers. The next morning he awoke to tuomi severely beaten to death. But didn't remember killing him. Jeff bought a suitcase and stuffed tuonis body into it, brought the body back to his grandmothers house in a taxi cab. Jeffs family was coming to thanksgiving dinner that day so he laid tuonis body onto a grate in the basement and went upstairs to have dinner with the family. After everyone left he dismembered 

it and put all of his flesh and muscle into trash bags and threw it in the trash. Then he stored his skeleton in the crawl space for a time. Eventually he crushed tuomis skeletal remains with a sledgehammer and threw them out as well.  His body was never recovered. Tuomi was 25 years old. 


In the weeks following tuomis death, Jeff went back to the gay bars and continued to bring home strange men to his grandmothers house to have sex. He saw a story on George Bush and how he started taking halcion to help him sleep during the tension of the gulf War. So Jeff went to the dr and asked them to prescribe that medication to him for sleep. But wondered what it would do if he drugged people with the medication and just upped the quantity. 


4. James Edward Doxtator

On January 16th 1988, Jeff met James doxtator, 14 years old, outside of a gay bar 219, Jeff offered the boy 50 dollars to pose nude for photos at his grandmothers house in West Allis. Jeff drugged the boy, had sex with him and strangled James to death. He kept him in his grandmothers fruit celler for a few days before dismembering and discarding his remains in the trash. Jeff then smashed his bones and also disguarded them in the trash. His body was never recovered. 


5. Richard Guerrero 

And on March 24th 1988 Jeff met Richard Guerrero, 22 years old,  lured him back to his bedroom, he drugged him with the halcion, had sex with his unconscious body and strangled him to death. He dismembered Richard's corpse in the basement, dissolved the flesh and tissue in acid and then discarded the bones in the trash. He bleached and saved the skull for several months before discarding it in the trash. 


2.ESCAPED VICTIM Ronald flowers

But things for grandmom had gotten weirder when she heard some noise and came down the stairs. Jeff told her to stop, that he wasn't dressed. So she did but later caught a glimpse of a man that Jeff was rushing out the door to get him on a bus. He was clearly intoxicated. He told his father that it was a casual friend who had gotten drunk and he took him into the basement to sleep it off in an old reclining chair. 


This man was Ronald flowers. Earlier that night, on April 22nd 1988, flowers car had 

stalled after shopping for a water bed that afternoon with some friends. When his car stalled out he was alone in a parking lot. Jeff happened upon flowers and asked him to come to his grandmothers house with him to pick up his car and drive it back to get him on the road. Flowers reluctantly agreed to go with Jeff. Once at his grandmothers house, Jeff gave him a spiked cup of coffee and the next thing he knew, flowers was in the general hospital in Milwaukee with bruises all over his body and missing his wallet and bracelet. 


Flowers went to authorities and told police what had happened to him and even took them to Jeff's home in West Allis. The police were useless though, as they didn't see any reason to arrest jeff because there was no evidence that suggested he had done what flowers accused him of. Saying 

it was flowers word against dahmers. 


Flowers was a black man which would suggest that the white man and his little grandmother looked innocent to the police because again. Social injustice in this case was out of control. Nothing ever came of flowers accusation. 


By this time, twice, Jeff's grandmother called Sherri to complain about odors coming from her garage and basement. Both times Jeff claimed he was trying to dissolve parts of animals in acid to experiment on them. Lionel investigated the basement anyway and found a thick black liquid under the garbage cans. But nothing else. It wasn't too alarming because he thought it was chicken grease or something.  


In 1985, Jeff had taken a job at the ambrosia chocolate factory, in Milwaukee Wisconsin. And by 1989, Jeff decided it was time to move out of his grandmothers house and be closer to work. Mainly because his activities of frequenting bath houses and drugging men so he could lay next to thier unmoving bodies and murders wouldn't go unnoticed for too much longer. 

Plus his grandmother found his satanic alter with black lights and griffins. That scared the shit out of her and Jeff's excuse was he was just curious about the unknown. 


6.Anthony Sears

Jeff's last victim at his grandmothers home was Anthony sears 24 years old. Jeff met him outside of club 219. Jeff lured him back to his grandmothers house was drugged with halcion, sexually 

assaulted him while drugged and strangled to death. Jeff took Anthony's skull, and preserved it and painted it. He also kept his genitals and scalp, preserving them with acetone. He confessed he wore the scalp and would masturbate to fantasize about the crime.  


7. Somsack sinthasomphone

Jeff found an apartment on north 24th street in an apartment building. On the day he moved in, Jeff approached a boy named somsack sinthasomphone, who he spotted while he was drinking, and brought him back to his apartment. He offered the boy 50 dollars to pose nude while he took photographs of him. He drugged somsack with halcion and bailey's. When Jeff was photographing this drugged boy he asked somsack to lay next to him in bed so he could listen to his stomach. While he was laying there nearly unconscious, Jeff fondled the boys genitals. For some reason Jeff decided not to kill somsack and let him leave the apartment and flee. When he had returned home, his family rushed him to the hospital and he had overdosed but was saved by the hospital staff. 


Somsack brought police to Jeff's apartment but Jeff was at work. The police went to the chocolate factory and arrested him. Jeff was released 3 days later on bail. He told his father that he didn't touch the boys penis but instead he brushed up against it while unzipping his pants for the photo. At that point it was decided he would move back in with his grandmother. 8 months later was Jeff's sentencing. 


Before the sentencing Lionel found a small wooden box with a lock on it. When Lionel asked what was in the box Jeff got really agitated. When Lionel went to get a tool to open the box, Jeff jumped in front of him and told him he would open the box tomorrow, and took it with him into the basement. The next morning he had opened it and inside was a stack of porn. Little did Lionel know, the day before, there was a whole ass severed head in the box. The same day Jeff was given 5 years probation for the molestation of somsack and one year work release. In court Lionel learned that Jeff had also been arrested for exposing himself at the state fair grounds prior to this arrest. 


Lionel wrote numerous letters to Jeff's attorney trying to explain that Jeff needed alcahol treatment counseling and psychological help. Unfortunately the lawyer only responded saying that Jeff was sorry for what he had done and was looking forward to getting back out into the community. Nothing was ever done with lionels pleas. Jeff was released only after serving 10 months of his sentence in 1990. 


After he was released Jeff moved into the infamous Oxford apartment 213. Jeff seemed to be doing good when Lionel and Sherri went to visit with Jeff in November of 1990. Except he had bought a freezer which Lionel found odd because he has a fridge with a freezer. Jeff said it was to save money so he could stock up on meat when it was on sale. Another strange thing Lionel saw was that the hallway that separated the living room from the bedroom and bathroom had a sliding door with a lock on it. To either keep someone inside or keep someone out. Jeff explained it was to keep him safe from burglars. 


A month after his first visit in November of 1990 when Lionel returned to visit Jeff's apartment he noticed a security camera and an alarm system that Jeff explained away saying if someone broke in it would be extremely loud in case of a burglar. All this protection seemed odd but not out of the ordinary because Jeff lived in a dangerous neighborhood. Little did anyone know, however that Jeff had murdered 4 people in apartment 213 BEFORE Lionel and Sherri came to visit. 


8. Raymond Smith 

May 20th 1990, Raymond Lamont Smith (also known as Ricky Beeks) wasThe first 

victim to be killed at Dahmer's apartment. Smith was a male sex worker who Jeff met at a local tavern. Jeff lured smith back to his apartment under the pretense of sex for money and gave Smith a drink laced with sleeping pills, then strangled him on his kitchen floor. Jeff took the smith's skull bleached it and painted it. It later came out that he would randomly take out the skull, kiss and touch it to remain close to his victim. 


9. Ernest Miller

September 2nd 1990, Jeff met Ernest Miller outside of a newspaper and porno bookstore. Ernest was a dance student and Jeff said that he was attracted to Miller because of his physique. Jeff asked him if he could give him oral sex and take some pictures of him for 150 dollars. Jeff said in an interrogation that he didn't believe Ernest was gay. Jeff allegedly tried to perform fallacio on him but he wasnt into it and wanted to leave but he was already drugged with the halcion. When he went unconscious jeff raped him repeatedly throughout the night. In the morning he ernest was starting to come out of his drug induced state and tried to fight jeff as he was strangling him. He ended up slitting his carotid artery before dismembering him in the bathtub. Jeff took miller's entire skeleton and stored It inside of a filing cabinet and packed and stored his heart, biceps and portions of his legs in the freezer to be eaten. Jeff also took the rest of his remains and dissolved them in a bath of muric acid. When the bones were mushy he flushed them down the toilet. 


10. David Thomas 

David Courtney Thomas, 22 years old met jeff near the Grand Avenue Mall; he was lured to Dahmer's apartment on the promise of money for posing nude. Jeff offered thomas a drink laced with halcion and Thomas became unconscious. Jeff decided he "wasn't his type" but still  strangled Thomas, taking Polaroid photos of the dismemberment process. No remains were ever found.


In West Allis, on Thanksgiving break, Lionel was filming after Jeff showed up late to have a visit with the family. There's a portion of the video that's very eerie. Where Lionel says Jeff looks skinny. He says that he was eating at McDonald's a lot but decided it was too expensive so he had been eating more at home lately. Everything seemed fine but every question he was asked about his apartment or what he had been up to he nervously would shake his foot. Small things that went unnoticed at the time but in hindsight were 20 20. 


In 1991 Jeff would go on to kill 8 more victims. 


11. Curtis straughter

Jeff met Curtis Straughter as he waited at a bus stop near Marquette University. Jeff lured Straughter to his apartment, where he was drugged, handcuffed and strangled before being dismembered in the bathtub. His skull, hands, and genitals were saved in the apartment. 


12. Errol lindsey

On April 7th 1991, Jeff met errol Lindsey, 19 years old. The first victim upon whom Dahmer practiced what he later described to investigators as his "drilling technique," a procedure in which he drilled holes into the victim's skull, through which he injected hydrochloric acid into the brain to try to keep the victim alive but in a zombie like state. According to jeff, Lindsey awoke after this experiment, and Jeff gave him more sedatives so he was again rendered unconscious. Once unconscious jeff then strangled Lindsey to death. Jeff then cut Lindsey's skin off of his body and he kept his skin for several weeks. Lindsey's skull was found following Dahmer's arrest in 1991. 


13. Tony hughes

Tony Hughes, 31 years old was lured by Dahmer to his apartment allegedly after he promised money in exchange for posing nude for photographs. Tony was deaf, he and Jeff could only communicated using handwritten notes. Hughes was strangled and his body left on Dahmer's bedroom floor for three days before being dismembered. Jeff photographed the entire dismemberment process. Jeff saved his skull and was identified from dental records.


According to, Hughes reportedly met Dahmer at gay club 219. Contradicting Dahmer's own account, witnesses recounted that Hughes and Dahmer knew each other for a year or more before Hughes was murdered. Hughes had been last seen on May 24, 1991 at the 219 Club in Milwaukee. Shirley Hughes told The Associated Press that she was unable to contact her son or the friend he had in Milwaukee, only knowing the first name of his friend: Jeffrey. One night, Dahmer reportedly took Hughes back to his apartment, drugged Hughes and dismembered his body, keeping his skull. According to FBI files, Hughes was identified by his dental records, and his skull and vertebrae were recovered.


14. Konerak sinthasomphone

On may 27th 1991 Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14 years old, The younger brother of the boy Dahmer had assaulted in 1988, was lured to his apartment after he spotted him while out onnan errand to have his knives sharpened. Konerak agreed to come back to his apartment with the promise of money for photographs. Konerak was drugged with a laced drink and once unconscious, jeff repeatedly raped the boy throughout the night and he had drilled a hole in his skull and had injected hydrochloric acid into his brain. Jeff fell asleep next to the boy and woke up when he felt like konerak wasn't going to wake up Jeff left the apartment to have a couple drinks and purchase some beer at the liquor store. When he returned, he discovered konerak naked and disoriented in the street, with three distressed young women attempting to assist him. (Tina Spivey, Sandra Smith and Nicole childress) When two police officers, John balcerzak and Joseph gabrish arrived, Dahmer persuaded them he and konerak were lovers, that he was 19 years of age and simply intoxicated. The two police officers didn't want to deal with boyfriend, boyfriend stuff so they gave konerak back to dahmer and blew off the three witnesses who were concerned about the naked and bleeding boy. 


When they had gotten back onto the patrol car they laughed and joked on a recorded radio line about how they needed to be deloused after the incident. Eluding that they needed to get the gay off of them. 


When police left konerak with Dahmer in his apartment, Dahmer again injected hydrochloric acid into koneraks brain, and this time it was fatal. Jeff then dismembered koneraks body and retained his head in the freezer. 


The next day Glenda Cleveland, Sandra smith's mother, called the police to question if they needed anymore information and to state that her daughter Sandra saw the boy digging for earthworms down the street just days earlier. So there was no way that boy was 19 years old. She repeatedly asked the police if they were sure that this wasn't a child. The police brushed her off and said no we do not need any additional information, it's been taken care of and it was a boyfriend boyfriend thing. They wouldn't say they knew for sure that the boy was of age. But what they did say was that it was taken care of. 


15. Matthew Turner 

Matt Turner, 20 years old met jeff On June 30, 1991. Jeff was attending the Chicago Pride Parade. At a bus stop, he encountered a Matt Turner and persuaded him to go with him to Milwaukee to pose for a photo shoot. Turner was then drugged, strangled, and then dismembered in the bathtub. His head and internal organs were put in the freezer and his torso subsequently placed in the 57-gallon drum. During this time his neighbors started complaining about the smells coming from his apartment. Nothing was ever done about it but the tenants couldn't stand the smell of decomposing flesh that kept emanating from the apartment. But no one was trying to investigate in the urban neighborhood and no one seemed to care about black and brown people going missing at the time. Which showed the social injustice in Milwaukee at the time these murders occurred. 


16. Jeremiah weinberger

Jeremiah Weinberger, 23 years old, Met Dahmer at a gay bar in Chicago and agreed to accompany him to Milwaukee for the weekend the two consensually engaged in intercourse and jeff didnt plan on killingnhim because he thought he would stay forever with him. When he said he had to return to his job Jeff drugged and drilled through Weinberger's skull. He injected boiling water into his skull cavity. Jeff later recalled Weinberger's death to be exceptional because he was the only victim who died with his eyes open. Weinberger's decapitated body was kept in the bathtub for a week before being dismembered; his torso was placed in the 57-gallon drum with acid. 


17. Oliver lacy

Oliver Joseph Lacy, 24 years old and A bodybuilding enthusiast who Dahmer enticed to his apartment on the promise of money for posing for photographs. Lacy was drugged and strangled with a leather strap before being decapitated, and dismembered. Jeff then kept his head and heart in the refrigerator. His skeleton was kept to be displayed on a shrine he was making that he had started prior to his arrest. 


18. Joseph bradehoft

Joseph Arthur Bradehoft, 25 years old, was Dahmer's last victim. Bradehoft was a father of three children from Minnesota who was looking for work in Milwaukee at the time of his murder. He was lured to dahmers apartment, drugged, strangled, and left on Dahmer's bed for two days following his murder before being decapitated. His head was placed in the refrigerator and his torso in the 57-gallon drum with acid. 


19. Tracy edwards

On July 22nd 1991, Tracy edwards met jeff at a bar and went back to Jeff's apartment to watch the exorcist 3 and drink some beer. Jeff gave edwards a drink but he didn't Ike the taste of it and refused to drink it anymore.  Soon after, Jeff handcuffed edwards and threatened him with a knife. Going in and out of translike state, rocking back and forth and mumbling to himself, he forced edwards to sit and watch the movie. Edwards playcated Jeff and kept complaining about the odor and wondered if they could open a window. Unfortunately, Jeff said they were broken. The air conditioner was in the living room and edwards tried to convince Jeff into going into the living room near the air conditioner to alleviate the smell in the apartment. And so he could be closer to the door. Jeff was adamant that edwards stay with him. At one point Jeff told edwards he wanted to cut out his heart and eat it. edwards pretended he didnt hear the comment and asked jeff to take off his shirt that maybe they could fool around a bit. Jeff refuted all of edwards advances. Edwards mustered up the courage to jump up and punch Jeff square in the face and knock him down. He raced to the bedroom door and escaped the apartment. Running through the streets almost naked and handcuffed. 


Eventually police noticed him and he took police to dahmers apartment. Jeff offered to find the key to the handcuffs and upon arriving at the apartment the police searched Jeff's bedroom where they found the Polaroids of his victims in different poses and stages of dismemberment. Continuing the search they uncovered 3 human heads in the fridgerator, a jar of genitalia, souvenirs from his victims, a sketch of a human alter he was planning on making with bones, knives and saws scattered along the floor, a drill, barrels of hydrochloric acid, a fridge where he stored skeletons and organs. Some media outlets claim there was a human heart in the fridge.


After seeing the photographs and the human head in the fridge, Jeff tried to fight the cops off, it took both officers to subdue him and take him back to the station for questioning. They were surprised by his strength because of his thin stature. 


On July 22nd 1991 Lionel called Jeff's apartment. Someone answered the phone and told him Jeff wasn't there. When asked who it was calling. Lionel.said "this is Jeff's father". The officer said a detective would call him back shortly. Lionel was confused and the detective said they were investigating a homicide. Instantly Lionel thought Jeff was the victim. His world was blown apart when the detective told him Jeff was alive and well. 


The next day Lionel called his mother to alert her that Jeff had been arrested but the police were all ready searching her home. She had no idea why because the police wouldn't tell her any information. 


Sherri and Lionel were harassed by the whirlwind of reporters and crank callers. They were in such disbelief because the Jeff they knew was passive, polite, aloof and nonconfrontational. Not some grandiose psychopath. They weren't in denial however and their lives were changed forever. 


During the interrogation Jeff kept asking the officer to kill him with his gun. Said that he had tried to commit suicide before but couldn’t do it. When threatened to go into the holding pen with the other inmates to wait for his lawyer, jeff instantly confessed to the crimes he committed in numerical order. He was still drunk during his interview and all that got him talking was an endless supply of cigarettes and coffee. 


During his confessions he led investigators to the genitals of Anthony sears which were found in a filing cabinet at 924 North 25th Street. 


He also gave many reasons for his murders. Claiming that he didn't want to kill them, he just wanted them alive and to keep them with him forever. 

When asked about the large amounts of cleaning agents in the apartment Jeff said that the odor was the hardest thing to control. He would bleed out the victims in the bathtub and fillet the skin muscles and tendons. Then dissolve them in acid. Afterward he would take the skulls and boil them in a large kettle with soilex and water for an hour. The "slurry" he would flush down the toilet and that left just the skull. I will leave it up to the imagination as to how he took out the brain matter. I will just say he did it ancient Egyptian style. He would then reboil the skull in soilex and water and then bake it in the oven so it would become dry. 


What really fucked me up was that he said sometimes he would reassemble the bones on his living room floor back in order, like a puzzle. Then he would masturbate while touching the bones. This is important because he did this to try to stop killing. Thinking that just reliving it with the person's remains would keep him satisfied enough to not kill again. Unfortunately he said it only lasted about a month before he wouldn't be satisfied anymore. 


The Polaroids were the most shocking. He photographed every victim in different stages of dismemberment. Including cutting them from throat to groin and pulling out the viscera and laying it on thier chest. There were photos of men hanging by a leather strap over the bath tub and photographs of genitalia and severed hands 


These sick distasteful photos were the polices saving grace, however, because that's what helped match the victims to their missing persons reports. 


Jeff developed a working relationship with the lead detective and agreed to try to match up the victims to the dates to give the families closure. Jeff told them he was truly sorry for his crimes and that was the way to show them. He denied request for an attorney but Lionel appointed one for him. 


On the day of his arraignment for the insanity plea, he pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect on January 13th 1992. After his psychological evaluation he was deemed fit to stand trial. 


During an interrigation that involved Iding some more of the victims, detectives had 

shown him a news article which featured a man called the preacher who claimed to have counseled dahmer about his gay lifestyle. Jeff got freaked out when he saw the photo and said he met this man on Thanksgiving night of 1990 at the gay strip. They drank some Jim beam and went back to the preachers house. The two kept drinking until Jeff passed out.


When he came to he was hog tied and hanging from a strap attached to the ceiling. The preacher was ramming a long dinner candle up his ass aggressively. Jeff started screaming and struggling so the preacher stopped and let him down but tried to convince him to stay to make him breakfast. Jeff was so upset he left the house without saying anything to anyone. Later on he defecated a six inch piece of the candle. Then he turned to the investigators and said "you know pat, there's some really weird people out there". 


Jeff was even questioned about Adam Walsh, the boy who went missing around the time dahmer was living in Miami Florida but claimed he never was attracted to children even though his one victim was 14 years old. Adam washes death inspired his father to start the America's most wanted show. It was thought for years that dahmer killed Walsh because of the time frame even though he said no. Later on however, serial killer Otis O’Toole confessed to the murder of Adam welsh and the file was closed. 


Detective Murphy told the investigators to question Jeff about the meat in the freezer because there were markings of a meat tenderizer in some of the thinly sliced, individually wrapped bicep and leg meat. The other meat found fileted was multiple livers and hearts. The utensils and cut marks suggested that dahmer was eating parts of his victims. When questioned Jeff admitted to eating some of his victims. 

He even stated when asked what it tasted like that it was a fine cut of meat like a filet mignon. Which totally disgusted me. He would prepare them medium rare, sometimes with onions and mushrooms for flavor. 


With the media getting a hold of leaked confessions and disgusting details of his crimes, the public was outraged at the two officers who let konerak back into dahmers care. The two officers were suspended with pay pending the investigation and to keep the public at bay. 


A court date was set and racial tensions had gotten high because the public believed that Jeff hated gay men and that his crimes were homophobic in nature. Also that the black men targeted were mainly a racial issue. Dahmer refuted the claims saying he targeted them based solely on whether the person was attractive, lean and had smooth skin. That he didn't intentionally target black and brown people. Also he claimed that he loved the victims and only wanted to keep them with him forever to commemorate their beauty and his sexual urge of having complete control over them. 


During the court proceedings the team wasn’t sure if all the evidence should bs shown on television because children would be watching it live on court tv. The families of the victims gave extremely heart warming and emotionally infused victim statements that literally made me 

ugly cry. One was so emotionally profound that the series dahmer featured it. Which was the victim statement of errol Lindsey's sister. She had an emotional outburst fueled by anger and grief. Her response to the series was that she was angry no one from the Netflix show had contacted her. That she had to see her name on the screen and a woman acting out her breakdown on television. That it retraumatized her and opened wounds that felt like they did the day that it happened. 


Escaped victim Tracy edwards, gave a compelling testimony that helped out the prosecution. Protests were breaking out in the city to find justice for konerak. People holding signs and asking for reform of the police. 


Detective Kennedy who interviewed dahmer and had gotten to know him well, took the stand and tried not to let his emotions cloud his answers. Which helped refute the insanity defense. Kennedy had developed such a report with Dahmer he had conflicting feelings about whether or not he could call him a friend. Which worried the prosecution. 


They did find that Jeff did suffer from a few different mental disorders during some of the assessments which came out in court. Dr fredrick berlin said He suffered from anti social personality disorder, schitzotypical disorder and schizoid personality disorder. That he was a chronic alcoholic that suffered from 3 different paraphilias: necrophilia ( wanting to have sex or perform sex acts on a dead body), frottuerism (the uncontrollable urge to grind on or rub one's self on another human being, including masturbation), and splanchnophilia (the extreme urge to cut into a body and look into it). Berlin claimed that these sexual disorders made him legally insane as she was not able to control his impulses. 


Dr deitz claimed that the planning and meticulous calculations he took during the times of the crimes, however, refutes that he was unable to control himself and he was aware of what he was doing at the time of the murders so therefore he is not legally insane. 


Both attorneys gave thier final statements and the trial lasted 21 days. The jury reached a decision within 24 hours. Jeff was found sane on all 15 counts. 


The families of the victims gave extremely heart warming and emotionally infused victim statements that literally made me ugly cry. One was so emotionally profound that the series dahmer featured it. Which was the victim statement of errol Lindsey's sister. She had an emotional outburst feuled by anger and grief. Her response to the series was that she was angry no one from the Netflix show had contacted her. That she had to see her name on the screen and a woman acting out her breakdown on television. That it retaumatized her and opened wounds that felt like they did the day that it happened. 


In her statement she says "this is what out of control looks like" she told dahmer she hated him and called him Satan. She was so rawled up she started going for him but four deputies held her back.


Jeff gave his own closing statement that was long but basically said how sorry he was for committing the crimes, he wanted to die and didn't want freedom, that he was truly sorry for what he did to the victims families. That he understood thier hate. That he knew he was sick and wanted help and the only help he could give was by not leaving unanswered questions to the victkms families. 


Jeffrey dahmer was sentenced to 15 sonsecutive life sentences for his crimes. Which was a total of 936 years in prison. 


 During his stay in prison he recieved mail from fans who offered to pay for his attorney fees as long as he wrote back or signed autographs. I will never under stand how anyone could be a fan of this but whatever. 


In November of 1992 the people of Milwaukee got what they wanted and they tore down the Oxford apartment building. The people of Milwaukee wanted to heal its gaping wound after the trial and the Oxford apartments reminded them of the horrors going on inside. 


Ultimately Jeff became a born again Christian and was baptized in prison. In November of 1994, christopher scarver, A fellow inmate, speculated as being a set up although never confirmed, beat him to death with a barbell (just like Jeff's first murder) in a prison bathroom. Scarver then beat another inmate to death in the same fashion directly after dahmer was attacked. Jeff was pronounced dead at 9 am. I guess karma comes back around. 


The two police officers involved in koneraks ultimate murder were reinstated onto the police force 3 years later and both ended up getting 55000 in back pay.  One of the two ended up retiring in 2017 and were never punished for thier crimes. 


I wanted to end this on a light note and say let's remember the people that ended up remaining in the hearts of millions after this tragedy, the victims. 


Let's stop feeling sorry for these evil sick people and feel sorry for the people taken by them. While I don't like to give these serial killers all this attention, like I did here with jeffrey, I did it for a reason. People see a show and empathize with these sick fucking people. There's nothing to empathize with when you hear how gruesome these crimes actually were. There's no empathizing with the man who walked around after skinning a victims face off and wearing it around the house in his apartment. There's no empathizing with a man who skinned another man and had sex with his viscera. Who masturbated over the dead bodies of his victims. Let's stop this shit. He's a piece of shit and I hope he rots in some kind of shitty purgatory. 


Stop glorifying villains. While it's OK to feel bad for the child it's not ok to feel bad for the adult. Having abandonment issues and being a sick necrophile are two very different things. 


And one more thing. Let's stop blaming the other two victims here, Joyce and Lionel. Their lives were destroyed by their son too remember. They were looked at under a microscope after this happened. Every human thing they did was scrutinized. 


Having a slightly shitty childhood, I say slightly shitty because arguing parents and taking an interest in science (whether or not if thst is even true) doesn't make a bad parent. Being absent because you are providing for your family or having mental illness doesn't create a monster. I really believe that nature made him and the childhood of abandonment pulled the trigger. But they were good parents and tried thier best. So let's lay off of them. 


Hopefully this is enough to stop looking into the Milwaukee cannibal and maybe now knowing the real story we can stop this madness.