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Jamie Osuna

January 13, 2023 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 13
Rogue and Wicked
Jamie Osuna
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Jamie Osuna was a wanna be Joker with a lust for blood and a hatred for his wife. In this episode we take you down the chaotic path of Bakersfield's finest criminal to explore police corruption and how a jail cell couldn't stop the terror that jamie inflicted on his victims. 

Witness to the crime: the disturbing tale of torturer, murderer and sadist, Jamie osuna (youtube) 

Kget TV 


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So I found this case on tiktok during the Dahmer craze that happened after the show aired on Netflix. People were comparing Dahmer to other killers and this guy Jamie Osuna was one of them. I trolled the internet for like days, trying to find information on this guy to see if the tiktok was real. I don’t automatically trust stuff I see on tiktok for obvious reasons. Anyone can say anything as a fact on there and it may not even be a real thing. FINALLY I found Jamie Osuna and this dude was insane. I did feel sorta bad for little Jamie Osuna, after reading about his childhood. 


The only place any information was about this dude was the local news station KGET TV Bakersfield. There’s a crime reporter on KGET TV that has some compelling interviews, I must say. I tried to find her name but the information wasn’t easy to find. I barely found the interviews and information on Osuna, let alone any more information. I did find a podcast that broadcasted the interviews and the “documentary” that this woman made and it was super compelling. 


But in order to understand the case of Jamie Osuna you have to start back at the beginning of his life because it literally was like a snowball effect that you cant jump around with and rearrange the story. So here it goes,


Jaime osuna grew up poor in the rough neighborhood of Bakersfield California. (100 miles north of Los Angeles) Jaime osuna was a loving normal kid says his mother but jaime osuna told kget TV that he was subjected to physical and psychological abuse by his stepfather and his mother was hardly present. 


Jamies stepfather tied him to a tree and beat him when he was little and his uncle had thrown a brick at him on a separate occasion. The abuse also made its way into the home. Jamies step father used to withhold food from him and make him watch his siblings eat while he starved.


When he was fed he was made to get down on all knees and eat the food off of the floor like a dog. He told his ex wife, he was molested as a child but refused to tell her by who. Since the age or 8 or 9 years old he had been killing and torturing animals. When his mother would go to the store he would put the cat in the freezer and then 15 minutes later let it out. Then take it and put it in the oven for a while and let it out. Basically just torturing the animal for amusement. 


His mother said that Jamie's step father didn't want her two children. He hated them. One time Jamie was crying as a child in the backseat. Needing to be changed. His step father reached back, opened the door and pushed Jamie out of the car, car seat and all while a truck was coming and almost ran the child over. Her other son moved in with his grandparents once his step-dad threw a fork at him and it stabbed him. Jamie saw that and prayed because of the abuse wishing he could go with his older brother to his grandparents. 


For some reason Jamie's grandfather hated Jamie. He wouldn't let Jamie come stay with him for some reason. I tried to find information about why his grandfather disliked his grandson but his family wouldn’t comment on any of his crimes. His family was even hesitant to comment on his life but his mother did tell some of the story from her perspective.  His mother said that Jamie was a loving child. But she wasn't allowed to show Jamie love because it upset his stepfather. So his mother had to hide affection for Jamie behind jeffs back. She couldn’t even hug Jamie in front of jeff because it would send him into a jealous rage. 


Jamie spilled juice on the floor and his stepfather tied Jamie up with rope and beat him with a belt. Finally his mother called 911. When the police arrived, Jeff said he was kidding with Jamie but was arrested and charged with child cruelty. He was out in days though, and back in the house in no time. Gotta love DCFS in California. Ahem Aaron Andros, ahem Gabriel hernandez 


Jeff threatened Jamie's mother on numerous occasions telling her he would kill her if she ever left him. He beat her with a belt and poured salt into the wounds. She tries to forget the abuse towards her and wouldn’t really comment on it. She did say she had extreme guilt for not protecting Jamie. She even admits not protecting him and took accountability for it. Which was humble of her but to me still screams she wasn’t an ideal mother to her child. 




Jamie's mother recalls a dent in her sons ear that was from jamies biological father kicking her in the stomach when she was almost full term. She said that Jamie's bio dad as extremely violent and abusive. She ended up leaving him because of his violent temper and psychological abuse. 


His aunt says that nurture is what made Jamie but his father had shown a predisposition to violence so maybe it's a bit of both. Im gonna say this right now though, if there was ever a case of nurture, this was it. 


Because of all of the physical and psychological abuse from Jamie’s step father, the neglect from his mother and the rejection of his grandfather, Jamie started turning from this sweet loving child into this distant and cold adolescent. Everyone in the house hold noticed it and Jamie had enough of his stepdad and went to live with his grandfather. Which was surprising because I know when Jamie was small his grandfather didn’t want him to come stay with him. So I wonder what had changed. 


At 15 years old he was arrested for stabbing another boy and sent to juvenile detention, Which was the same year he dropped out of High-school when he was in 9th grade. The day he had gotten arrested Jamie's stepfather said "I'm glad he got arrested, that means he can be away from us and we can be by ourselves" this is when his mother left Jamie's stepfather. I mean I figured she would have left when her son was eating scraps of food off of the floor as a child. I guess it took for Jamie to become psychically violent for his mom to wrap her mind around the fact that some of this was because of jamies stepfather. 


Jamie's stepfather, jeff, died of a heart attack in 2007. Good riddens. 


Jamie's brother however ended up leading a good successful life. Which makes you wonder if Jamie was allowed to leave with his brother would he have been a productive member of society? Or would he still lead a life of crime? I guess we will never know. 


This is when the story starts to really unfold, however. Its when Jamie meets his “to-be” wife that his life completely spirals out of control. He basically repeats cycles of his childhood and how his step father treated his mother as his relationship unfolds. 


In 2009 he met Joelle, who was a 37 year old mother of 3 children and a retired prison psychologist. Jaime was only 20 which puts a 17 year age difference. At the time he was a member of a gang and a felon out on parole. 


They met when Joelle threw a party with one of her children. Joelle was the “cool mom” drinking and dancing the night away with her children and their friends. Jaime showed up with Joelle's nephew to join the festivities. Joelle was pretty intoxicated at this time. Jaime, at one point, had gotten into an altercation with a guy at the house party and it had gotten violent. Joelle was dancing with an underaged boy at the party. Her nephew didn't like that so he ran and got Jamie.  Jaime pulled a knife from the butcher’s block in the kitchen and stabbed the guy. He survived but Jaime was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and violating his parole. Joelle received a citation for serving alcohol to minors and Jaime was send back to prison. 


They started corresponding while he was incarcerated. They exchanged letters and she admitted to enjoying the attention she was getting from Jaime but didn't see the relationship going anywhere. However, in November of 2009, Joelle picked Jaime up from the bus station following his release from prison. She noticed he had a ton of face tattoos he had gotten while in prison. She wasn't feeling the tattoos on his face. At this point he just has the one diamond on his left eye and a joker smile. 


Jaime suggested they get a hotel room to get freaky and she agreed but said this could only happen once. She just wanted a quick fling with all the charming letters he was sending. She was chemically attracted to him but knew he wasn't right for her.  Unfortunately, her one night stand turned out to be an unwanted pregnancy. He wanted to be a good father so he convinced Joelle to marry him and that they would have a good relationship together. 




They had a small wedding with a huge cake. Jamie had his hair slicked back and made all the wedding preparations. They invited their close family and friends. The wedding was nice according to Joelle. She described Jamie as a groomzilla. BUT Joelle didn't love Jaime. she did learn to love him while she was pregnant. She described her feelings as not the traditional type of love. She loved how Jaime treated her and her family but that she was not “ in love” with Jaime. 


All of that was short lived however because Jaime became controlling and possessive of Joelle. Shocker! He eventually became abusive mentally and physically.


But to understand how it had gotten to this point we have to understand Joelle. She was like you and I, Wendy. She had broken birdie wing syndrome. She was a caretaker and a nurturer.  Her toxic trait was that she felt like she always needed to fix people. Joelle had a string of abusive relationships from her teenage years all the way up until she met Jamie. 


The father of her first child was physically abusive and when she had gotten rid of him she put herself though nursing school and raised her baby on her own. Things seemed to be looking up for Joelle because she was a survivor. 


In the 1990s she was working in the prison psych ward division, fixing people again. She retired in 2005 after she was brutally attacked by an inmate. During the attack it ruptured her breast implant and herniated a disk in her neck. When Jamie met joelle it was after she retired. 


Fast forward to when their son was born


 In August of 2010, when their son was an infant, Joelle and Jaime had a big fight. It was physical and at one point, Jaime took Joelle's mothers ashes from the mantle and left. He never returned with them, so

Joelle called authorities and Jaime was arrested for domestic violence and violating his parole. He was again sent back to prison. 


In January of 2011 Jaime was released and reunited with his wife and child. While he was in prison, he developed a meth habit. Just what you need, a psychopath with a meth problem. Shit had gotten out of control when he came back because Joelle thought he was violent before, but now shit was about to get real. 


One day they got into another altercation and he started strangling Joelle. She was able to reach a picture frame and knock it down., grabbed a piece of the broken glass and sliced Jaime's arm with the shard. He stopped, emotionless, grabbed some duct tape and a black sock and bandaged his arm. Then just walked away like nothing happened. 


I guess Joelle fighting back was making his abusive and controlling ego hurt because he soon took out his anger on Joelle's 7 year old son from a previous relationship. Jamie pushed her son off of the bed and stared into joelles eyes waiting for her response to his actions. Taunting her with his eyes. Joelle had enough and grabbed two knives from the kitchen and threatened to stab Jaime. He was a bit shook up and left for the night but Joelle threw Jaime out for good this time and whenever he would return she would call the police. 


On March 31st Jaime was arrested on drug charges and sent back to prison for almost a year. He was released on Halloween, with his scary ass clown face and terrorizing his wife. As soon as he had gotten out he was leaving threatening voice-mails on his wife's phone, saying he was going to put bullets in her head. Jaimie was stalking her house, looking in her windows and driving up and down the street repeatedly throughout the night. Joelle called 911 multiple times and even had her nephew call. The police kept saying the officers were busy and not taking the threats seriously. The repeated phone calls to 911 were making her look delusional. Especially since he wasn't actually actively breaking in and the police just kinda brushed it off. 





On a separate occasion, just a day or two later, Jamie called Joelle and the first thing he said to her was "watch the news, bitch! I killed a woman at the Morocco." Joelle was terrified, so she called the sheriffs department and asked them was there anybody hurt or stabbed at the el Morocco hotel? The operator said "no I can't find anything here". So she says I just wanted to make sure because he's psycho. Then they ended the call.. 


In November of 2011, 5 days after that phone call, an employee at the Morocco hotel, found a woman dead in room 19. The victim was Yvette Pena (peen-ya), 37 years old, and a mother of 6. The El Moroccan hotel was a popular sex worker spot. People would go there specifically to buy and use meth and or solicit prostitution. Yvette was living there for only a few months when she was murdered. 


Yvette had a really bad childhood. She had an awful mother who allowed her boyfriend to rape Yvette and her sister regularly. The boyfriend eventually went to prison for felony sex abuse on a child but 

the damage was done. Yvette suffered from extreme guilt for not protecting her little sister better from her mother's boyfriend. Her ptsd had her self-medicating with alcohol and weed in her early teens. Yvette loathed her mother for allowing the abuse for so long and moved out at 16. At this point she had a son of her own. She had 4 more children in the following years and began using meth. 


In 2004, cps had gotten involved, and her children were taken away from her. On Feb 2011 she was arrested on drug charges while she was pregnant with her 6th baby. She had her child in prison and had gotten clean. Yvette planned on taking her infant and starting a new life in Arizona after she was released. Her drug charges were dropped and she applied for custody of her child but was denied. So she did what she knew to soothe herself, she went back to using. In spring of 2011 she moved back into the El Morocco hotel.  


The coroner's report said Yvette died of blunt force injuries, sharp force injuries and asphyxia. Which means she was bludgeoned, stabbed and strangled. She was gagged and "Stabbing instruments" were protruding from her corpse when she was found. There was evidence suggesting she was tortured before being killed. 



Finally, an undercover officer drove joelles car, as to bait Jaime into encountering the look alike, so they could flush him out. Unfortunately, it didn't really work but they had gotten a tip that led the police to Jamie's grandparents’ house.


When police sat down to question Jamie about the alleged murder accusation all the wanted to do was talk about Joelle. He kept asking the officers why someone like Joelle was with a guy like him? How different they were and police were confused and impatient. The police directed them back to the point which was the murder. Jamie then pushed the blame all on Joelle. Saying that his actions and arrests were because of "the shit she stirred up in his head."


When asked why he called Joelle to tell her he had murdered someone he told investigators that "it was a bunch of mind games, it was nothing more than just trying to scare her." Witnesses noticed that the victim looks like Joelle. The police even told Jamie that but Jamie would not admit to killing anyone. But police raised an eyebrow when he said "if I was going to kill anyone why wouldn't it be my wife?" Basically insinuating that that is who he hated the most. 


At the time of the murder Jamie was on psych medication and claimed to have tried to live a normal life. Joelle had survivors guilt for years because of Jamie's misdirected anger. For years she said she should have been the one that died instead of yvette because his hatred and anger were for her and not yvette.. 


Jamie spent 6 years in at a current county detention center awaiting trial. But Jamie didn’t leave joelle alone even though he was locked up. He called dcfs on her multiple times trying to get her children taken away. He repeatedly called and harassed her while behind bars and when he ran out of phone time he would have other inmates call on his behalf. So much so that a few inmates said that they were stressed out because of Jamie's demands on them. 



While he was in jail he kept getting more and more jailhouse tattoos. Which begs the question, how is this going unnoticed by prison guards? Some of the time he was in single cell so the prison chalked it up to Jamie just being "resourceful". 


March 27th 2017, was the date set for his trial. 


After getting into an altercation with another inmate, Jaime took a razor and somehow found his way to the other man's cell. That's where he slashed and stabbed his face. The man needed 67 stitches to close the lacerations. When the prison officials asked the inmate to let them photograph his injuries for record, he declined, stating " he didn't want Jaimie getting copies of the photos and adding them to his collections of trophies" (court records show) 


In 2012, Joelle received a package from Jaimie in the mail. When she opened it, it contained a dead rat. Which idk how that would have slipped by the prison guards. I'm pretty sure they check the mail. Unless maybe he greased someone's palm. 


In 2013, Jaime sent a bunch of letters and drawings to the district attorney of current county, Lisa Greene. The messages were extremely disturbing, he talks about Satan and alludes that there are other murder victims. Basically taunting the prosecutor into believing he is a serial killer. He signed them your diabolical friend osuna. 


He also sent letters in blood to Joelle and sent letters to other people telling them to kill Joelle and set her house on fire. One day joelles son told authorities that his mother struck him. Dcfs had gotten involved and Joelle ended up spending a little time in jail until she bailed out. She had to go to family court to assess her ability to care for her child. The day she had to get onto the bus to appear before child protective services there was a Hispanic woman who had gotten onto the bus with her last. She was caged in with this female separate from the male inmates. She hears the girl laughing and then hears Jamie's voice saying "do it now or you won't get the drugs". So this woman starts beating Joelle in the head so violently that she is screaming and Jamie is egging her on screaming and laughing. The guards kept driving as if nothing was happening. Eventually they decide to pull over and tell her to suck it up and not to let the other inmates see her cry. 



A day after Joelle was arrested they found a note in Jamie's pocket that said there was a price tag on joelles head with her cell number listed on the note. This not was meant to be passed off to another inmate but it was found before he passed it off. Police reports stated that Jamie was overheard saying "I should have gotten my wife in the van". This dude really has it out for her doesn't he? 


Joelle was released and awarded custody of her and Jamie's son. Unfortunately her son from a previous relationship was taken away and given to his biological father. She started seeing a therapist because she had a nervous breakdown around this time. But eventually things started getting better for Joelle. She was doing good financially and mentally. Jamie saw that and slowly started fading out of her life. Once he realized there wasn't much he could do anymore to terrorize her, he let her go. Which was a blessing for Joelle. It helped her start moving on with her life. 


In March of 2017, he stood trial for Yvette Pena. But before trial, in an interview, he admits that he intentionally, premeditatedly, sadistically torture and murder Yvette Pena. Even mentioning her by name with zero remorse, bragging about it like the disgusting piece of human garbage he is. He said he killed her because he saw an opportunity. He met her the night before after someone introduced her to him. He came back the next night when no one was there except Yvette in her hotel room. Jamie talked about how no one would care if they heard screaming in that hotel because most of the people living there were criminals. So even with neighboring people in the hotel, no one tried to intervene when they heard her screams. 


Jamie admitted to killing two other people. before he met Yvette Pena in the same interview. He said his first murder he committed when he was 13 years old and the victim was 27 years old. Jamie then said the other victim was in November of 2007, it was a 32 year old female. None of that was corroborated by 


police however, but Jamie said he liked to have an ace in the hole. I guess in case they gave him the death penalty as a bargaining chip. 


He was spared the death penalty, however, because he admitted what he did candidly before his trial. During the trial he mocked Yvette's family the entire time. Smiling and waving at them. Proud of what he did to her. On may 15th he was sentences to life without the possibility of parole. Jaime said if he was ever released he would kill again and was sent to the famous corquin state prison.  


Yvette was terrified of clowns according to her sister. Jaimes face was completely covered in tattoos. But his face tattoos were in the shape of a scary clown. Black diamonds surrounding his eyes and a joker 

like black smile tattooed on his face. Dead center on his forehead was an upside down pentagram and he also had tear drop tattoos on his cheek. His neck was covered in graffiti tattoos also. Yvettes sister said that was the last thing her sister saw when she died, that awful clown face staring back at her. 


While in corquin state prison, Jaimie was considered a dangerous inmate. He threw blood, feces and urine at correctional officers and for two years wasn't allowed to have a cell mate. He had gotten into altercations with numerous inmates and had numerous infractions. 


Louise Romero was a child of Guatemala and as a child had moved to Los Angeles California. He had spent 27 years in mule creek prison and was convicted of second degree murder after fatally shooting a woman in Compton. He was a teenager when he committed the crime and it was a gang related shooting. She was affiliated with the rival gang unfortunately which is why she was targeted. Louise said he had found God in prison as many murderers do but he had gotten in trouble with one of the officers in mule creek and as punishment was set to be transferred to corquin state prison. he was soon to be eligible for parole. 


On March 7th Louise Romero arrived in corquin state prison on Jamie's birthday and was assigned to be his cellmate. On March 9th guards came to Jamie's cell and found that Romero was dead. His corpse had been mutilated and posed. Romero was also decapitated and Jamie severed one of his ears. Romeros eyes had been 

removed and the corners of his mouth were sliced open. Sort of like a nod to the joker dark night. Jamie took a line from dark night and wrote on the wall "why so serious?" In Romeros blood and also used his blood to draw a pentagram on the floor, ha ha ha on the wall and I am a man with a thousand faces. One of his fingers had been removed, part of his lung and a part of his ribs. They said it would have taken hours to do all of this so the guards weren't really checking on him all that well for being a dangerous criminal and all. 


When guards found the body they also found the murder weapon which was a razor blade attatched to a handle that he had made and he was just sitting there, wearing a necklace of Romeros body parts. 

The district attorney of kings county, phil esbenshade, said that he believed that Romero was conscious during a good portion of the time this heinous crime was being committed. Romero died of blood loss. 


Now here's the thing, why was Romero put with osuna? I mean the guards knew he was high risk and up until this point was not allowed to have a cellmate. Is it because they knew he would be killed after his infractions with the officer at mule creek? Kget TV was wondering this too and they asked why osuna was unattended for so long. It seems mad suspect. The institution said that after the investigation concluded that the officers didn't thoroughly do their checks and called it a day. 


Romeros mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the president officials for their prisons negligence causing the death of her son. The prison guards allegedly falsified reports the day that Romero was found  dead according to a report from the office of the inspector General. 


It also states that a bedsheet was covering the window of the cell when Romero was being decapitated and his body parts were being removed. Being the guards didn't conduct the safety checks they didn't notice the sheet and ignored the loud noises coming from the cell. The report also states the inspector General took disciplinary action with the two officers who were on duty. One officer lied about the incident and was fired. The salary of the second officer was cut by five percent for 3 years. 


If it sounds too good to be true it's because it is. The state personal board and the department reached a settlement however, the first officer who was fired was reduced to just 9 months suspension. The second officers salary reduction was reduced to only 2 years. Which I think is fucking bullshit. 


Now Jamie is off the chain because this mother fucker requested the crime scene photos from his own murder to be given to him to keep as fucking trophies. Of course the court denied him but one official said it isn't against the law for him to request to view them. So he can see them whenever he wants but they said there's no reason he should have them in his cell though. 


On July 5th 2021, a judge found Jamie osuna incompetent to stand trial for the murder of Louise Romero. He was then sent to a psychiatric facility where he had "regained competency"... lmfao. I guess that's the ace in his back pocket? 


Jamie osuna still hasn't gone on trial for Louise romeros death yet because the judge has yet to rule that he's competent yet to stand trial. Even though the psychiatrist said he was. 




Witness to the crime: the disturbing tale of torturer, murderer and sadist, Jamie osuna (youtube) 


Kget TV