Rogue and Wicked

Lori Vallow the Dooms Day mom

January 20, 2023 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 14
Rogue and Wicked
Lori Vallow the Dooms Day mom
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The disturbing case of Lori Vallow had gripped the nation as they waited to see what had happened to little Tylee and JJ. As the case unfolded it revealed some really insane and interesting views that Lori and her Husband had. 
We dive deep into the beginnings of what could have been a devastating cult and talk about the life that Lori led to merit the name the dooms day mom. Join us for an incredibly terrible journey down the road of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell who left bodies and devastation in their wake!

A mother's Sins

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Alex, Adam, Lori and summer were the children of Janis and Barry cox. Lori and her siblings were born in San Bernardino California to a morman family with strong values. Lori was born on June 26th 1973 and her birth name was Lori Norene Cox. Not much is known about her childhood. Its impossible to find information at this time about what her childhood was like. Though most people described them as a normal Mormon family from the outside looking in.  


Lori married her highschool sweet heart, Nelson Yanes right out of High-school, however, it was short lived. Mainly because her relationship was turbulent with Nelson and they fought a lot. 


On October 22nd 1995, Lori married William Lagioia in Travis County, Texas.

In 1996, Colbie, was the first child of Lori and William. lori was 22 when she had Colby. Her and William had both gotten out of bad marriages and wanted to get married and bring their child up in a good family. So they did, and everything seemed good for a bit but then things went south again for lori and they divorced in 1998. Which was only three years after they had married. He wasn’t who lori had seen in her future. 


Then lori met Joe Ryan Jr and in 2001 she was married for a third time. Things weren’t going well with colby’s father and that’s when Joe decided to adopt Colby. The two moved very fast and Joe was a sweet outgoing man. Lori’s sister in law took to her right away and the two became fast friends. In 2002 Lori had Tylee which was her first daughter. Colby was so excited to have a little sister, he was elated with joy at the thought of having a sibling. He took to her from the very moment he saw her. He was so in love with his little sister he spent a lot of time with her even with the large age difference as her mentor and protector. He said he loved her so much. 


Lori entered the Mrs. Texas pagent because it made her feel good to be seen after having her daughter. Then she went onto wheel of fortune because she said God told her she was going to be on wheel of fortune. There’s video footage of her on these different broadcasted events and shows. It seems like she was doing it for herself, which I don’t blame her, I bet having a child makes you feel a certain way. With all the damage it does to your body, I bet it feels great to get out and work on your physique and show off how well you have bounced back from that. The validation and attention must have been wonderful. I doubt however that she had a prophetic moment where the lord told her to go on there as an extension of himself. I feel like this marked the beginning of her delusions that fit her grandiose type personality. 


Joe started being abusive to Colby after the honey moon phase wore off.  Everything colby did would annoy joe. The sheer fact that he even existed annoyed joe. Which we see all too often in cases where there is a step father. They become jealous over the attention that another boy or man gets from their spouse and takes it out on them. It had gotten so bad that Colby was being sexually abused by Joe. When he told his mother about all of the sexual abuse, a flip switched in her head.  Lori finally admitted to her family that her husband was hitting her too. So eventually Lori packed up and left. 


Lori’s behavior started changing and This is when her fantastical spiritual beliefs became a little delusional. She wanted to turn her life over to the temple. She hated Joe and wanted him dead. She would, even go so far as to, tell her children she wanted Joe to die. The funny thing is, in 2007, Loris brother, Alex, caught wind of the abuse Joe was infliction on the children. Alex attacked and tasered Joe, he threatened to murder him also. Alex was arrested and was sentenced to 90 days in jail in Austin, Texas for the crime. 


Its now 2006, Lori and her children had been through the ringer. It was sad and lori’s life was in shambles. She left with no money and her two children. They moved place to place and didn't really have a place to call their own. They were living out of hotels and the car at one point. 


It was in 2006 also when she met Charles vallow, Lori's 4th husband. They married on February 24th 2006. Charles was a gentleman with southern charm and her family seemed to approve of their relationship. I mean the last one was a complete wash, so They were happy to see Lori happy with this new man. Her mother said she thought they were really well matched for each other. Which made it seem like she finally had found the perfect man. He even had the means to welcome Lori and her two children into the family financially also. 


Charles got involved in the church because Lori was big into the church and he even quit drinking to live this new morman life. His sons seemed to blend very well with Lori's two children and they became a big blended family. And like I said, Charles was financially secure which made Lori and the kids feel safe like he would take care of them, and he did.


In 2013 that's when Charles and Lori adopted her third child jj. JJ was loris new sister in law’s son’s child. Kays son said he couldn’t take care of JJ anymore and wanted his parents to take him in. Kay took over custody but admitted they were getting older which made it harder to raise a young boy. They knew they couldn't handle a child who had special needs like that so they felt that jj should be with a younger couple. They asked Lori and Charles to take over custody and they welcomed JJ into their blended family. Colby took to jj right away also and they hung out all the time. 


After the adoption of little JJ, Lori and Charles started talking about the LDS church non stop. The entire house was slowly turning into a temple. All the family pictures were being replaced with pictures of temples. Lori was becoming more fantastical, telling stories of being prophetic and seeing entities that would tell her things and disappear through walls. She started hearing voices with full bodied apparitions also. She said they were saying a few words here or there and she believed God was sending her on missions in life. 


Lori even said that God told her and her husband to move to Kauai, Hawaii. Because of her apparitions they did just that, in December of 2014. They spent three years in Hawaii. During that time her and the kids enjoyed the picturesque life they were living. Swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, hanging out by the pool. Just living their best lives. Even the kids felt like it was fate like to enjoy paradise after all the hardships they had endured. Lori and Charles were very generous to the children and their friends. In fact, Tylee had a best friend who would visit often to the home in Kauai. She spoke warmly about the Vallow’s, saying that she wanted to live with them because the family made her feel so comfortable in their home. Others described them as the all American family.


Lori decided to joined the church in kuaui, the Hanalei branch. That's where she met April, who was another church goer who was all about LDS. She admired the family Lori had with Charles but Lori confided in April that Charles wasn't as spiritual as Lori would like. That it was causing problems in their marriage. April said that he tried to follow Lori's lead when trying to understand her spirituality but he wasn't catching on that fast. Lori started feeling like her marriage to Charles was holding her back from her true spiritual potential and wanted a partner who was just as spiritual as she was. 


Lori started becoming increasingly more delusional at this point. She started telling her friend she kept having an encounter with an angel named Moroni. She was being woken up constantly by angelic counsels who would communicate with her regularly. Lori claimed the disturbances made her get very little sleep at night. In these apparitions, she said that the angels would tell her, “the time is now and that the lord is gathering his people to carry out the lords work.” April really didn't take Lori's claims too seriously though. She thought maybe she was just being a little extra and shrugged it off but right after those conversations, Lori told April she was going back to Arizona. 


The family relocated to chandler Arizona and bought a new house.That's when Colby met Kelsee, in college, and they started dating. Kelsee took Colby to the Christian church with her often. Colby didn’t see much wrong with it because he was religious and believed in jesus. BUT, because Kelsee wasn't part of the LDS church it really pissed Lori off. Lori felt like kelsee was taking her son away from the church. Feelings of jealousy and bitterness soon found their way into Lori’s heart, but I feel like that would have happened anyway because Colby was her first born.


Lori started making passive aggressive comments to Colby and manipulating him into feeling awful for going to the Christian church. Colby tried not to let his mother interfere with his love life and decided he wanted to marry kelsee. So he proposed, that's when Lori's behavior started getting more bizarre. Kelsee said that Lori would make off the wall comments towards her like "Jesus loves you but he loves me the most". 


On the day of their wedding, kelsee was looking around for tylee to take some family pictures. She kept asking where tylee was and that's when Lori told her she was on a ski trip. Which made no sense whatsoever. But the couple chalked it up to Lori being jealous there was a new woman in her son’s life and that she was not ok with that. No one really knows why tylee didn’t show up that particular day. Maybe lori sent her away? Maybe she manipulated her into not going to the wedding? No one really knows. 


After the marriage of her son, Lori became severely depressed and stopped talking about her religion in a positive light anymore. Her energy shifted and she started focusing on the darker side of LDS. Lori became fixated on the end times. 


She even started getting “all end times”, like those apocalypse people who build bomb shelters. She started stocking up on rice, canned goods, toiletries, everything she could find for when the world was going to end so she could survive. Lori wasn't putting on a show though because she even told her sister-in-law that she was so frightened that she thinks it might be better to drive off a cliff with the kids in the car than to live though the end times. She was terrified of the second coming of Christ and really wanted to take her family to the kingdom before he came back to earth. 


Lori started hanging out with her brother Alex more than usual and started this extremist podcast "feel the fire" with Melonie Gibb. The podcast was an end of times podcast in which the threesome would talk about the end of times and other extremist ideology. 

 Lori and Melanie's relationship was a little bizarre and secretive. So much so that the kids thought it was a little weird that they would always slip off to another room and start talking so the children couldn't hear. The group became bigger when lori met Zulema. The two met at church and it wasn't long until she joined the two women. With this group of four, Lori started going to conferences called "preparing A people: healing the broken hearted." Chad daybelle was the one who did the talk at these conferences. He was an author of a book called "living on the edge of heaven" which was about his 2 near death experiences and how they helped him find God. Of course in this book, its ALL about the end times which fueled Lori’s fantastical and downward spiral belief system that the end of the world was coming, more rapidly than expected. 


During this conference he talked about why they were there and that they were all there to play a role in the end times. 


Lori approached Chad during a book signing and the two developed a connection. Chad told her they were together in many lifetimes and that they were married before. Chad also said, they had a spiritual connection. That's when shit got real. Chad started manipulating Lori into falling in love with him and combining their strange ideology that ended up in a diabolical scheme the world wasn’t prepared for. 


Chad Guy Daybell was born on August 11,1968 in Provo Utah. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachellors in Journalism. He worked as a cemetery sexton ( or grave digger) along with many other jobs. 

Earlier in life, Chad was in a missionary group of LDS members in NJ. The mission was to get people into church after baptizing them. Chad was very quiet and sweet. When Chad went to Utah he went cliff diving and has his first near death experience. When Chad DOVE off of the cliff his body hits the rocks and he gets knocked unconscious. Chad says that at that point he was able to look beyond the veil and bring back visions of the future through prophecy. (or it could have been a release of DMT which causes your brain to hallucinate, but to Chad his visions were real)


After Chad's mission he met Tammy Douglas. Their connection was strange because they were total opposites. She was outgoing, lively and a lot of fun but Chad was more reserved and quiet. She was the first woman that Chad ever dated and married her as soon as he could. I assume that had something to do with his Mormon upbringing because premarital sex was frowned upon and was a sin. So was masturbation which makes me think those factors had to do with why chad wanted to marry so quickly. The two decided to marry on March 9th 1990. Tammy and Chad had 5 children. (Garth, Emma, Seth, Leah and Mark) It was said that Chad was a doting and loving husband. 


After a while he starts writing books and starts speaking at conferences. A lot of followers started coming to these conferences with shared beliefs and that's when he decided to start his own publishing company. It was called spring creek books and was founded in 2004. His partner was a man identified in the media only by the name Douglas. He was a graphic artist and manager.


In 2015, Chad claimed he heard a voice telling him to relocate to Rexburg, Idaho. In Chad’s vision there would be a giant earth quake and the righteous people will survive and that there were 144,000 chosen ones who would be saved. Once the apocalypse ended the new Jerusalem would be established and chad would rise. The new Jerusalem, Chad claimed, would be in Rexburg, Idaho. And yes I said that right. Chad felt he was more important than christ and his grandiose would lead the people to salvation. He was so narcissistic that he believed that his scripture should be taken over the book of morman. I smell a rising cult leader here. 


Even though Lori and Chad were starting to have a not so professional relationship, she led others to believe it was nothing more than professional. That's when Lori started changing even more than she all ready had. 


She told one of her friends that her husband Charles was dead and there was a demon living inside of him. That she was going to get a call that the demon who was using Charles's body as a host would be dead. She said we are waiting for him to die and called the demon Ned, to some, and nick sneider, to others. 


Lori told her son that Charles had been cheating on her in California and that its been going on for years. When Charles found out she did that, he went on a war path emailing the whole family saying that Lori was crazy, that she thinks she's a God, and she's out of her mind. Of course everyone thought he was some narcissist losing control and going on the defense because he was caught. So they shrugged it off as him being dramatic. Lori went on the defense telling everyone to stop talking to Charles and that he was just creating drama.


She went as far as canceling his plane tickets to Arizona and removing his car from the airport so he couldn't come home. Lori had Alex go to the home and remove all of Charles things. 





When Charles had gotten to the house he called the police to get his things back and told them he was very worried about his two children because she had lost her mind and that Lori threatened to kill him. Lori told Charles since he's a demon she could murder him and no one would care because he wasn't human. 


The police couldn't help him so he tried to get a mandatory psychiatric pick up to have Lori committed so she doesn't hurt him or the children. He filed a petition with the court. Unfortunately, Lori had left the house and took all of her belongings and the kids with her.


Charles drove to jj's school the next day to try to catch his son there in chandler. When lori dropped the kids off, Charles tried to hold her there against her will but she slipped away with jj before the police came. So Charles calls the police again on Lori. 


Lori goes to the police station because she hears the police are looking for her. Lori talks herself out of getting in trouble for stealing everything of his because the police are so captivated by her. She was a really attractive woman with a bubbly personality, so it was easy to be manipulated by her charms. So much so that they gave her advice on how to skip out on the court mandated order to have her committed. So instead they recommended her voluntarily going to have a psych evaluation on her own. She went to get a psychological evaluation, had gotten interviewed and then she was cleared. Deemed fit to care for the kids.


The kids were hit hard by the devastation of their parents separating. The shit hits the fan now because the entire family unit is now broken and Charles found out about the affair between Chad and Lori via email. When it came to Lori’s mental health, Charles kept confronting Lori telling her he is the only one who had the balls to come out and say something. He solicited Alex, Lori's brother, to help him with Lori but shit went awry very fast. See, Alex was playing both sides of the fence which caused a big problem. Alex kept telling lori what Charles was planning and kept telling Charles shit lori was saying. 


July of 2019, Alex went to meet Charles in Arizona and fired 2 shots into Charles chest. Alex claimed he Shot Charles in self-defense when Charles came at him with a bat. Allegedly they were in an argument over Lori. Lori was there when Alex tells her to leave before he murdered Charles and she takes the kids to school. She comes home with her daughter, tylee and Lori shows no emotion to police about her husband being attacked. She was seen smiling and didn't ask if her husband was ok, as if she knew he was going to be murdered. When questioned,  It seemed like tylee was coached on what to say about the whole situation because it didn't add up. Tylee’s story and what alex said were two completely different stories.


Alex didn't perform any cpr, and the second shot happened after he was already dead. Alex called Lori 45 minutes before he called the police. Charles autopsy made it clear that the manner of death was suspicious. To say the least. 


So Lori sends this cold text to his sons. Doesn't call them, doesn't text one at a time. She sends out a group text that says " hi boys. I have very sad news. Your father passed away yesterday. I'm making arrangements and I'll keep you informed with what's going on. I'm still not sure how to handle things. Just know that I love you and so did your dad!!" What the fuck...


They are all panicking now because their dad just died and what does this bitch do? She takes hours to respond to their messages. As if it's not even a big deal. When she does respond she tells them that she's waiting for the autopsy to find out what happened. She then tells jj's school that Charles killed himself.  


Lori calls to claim Charles’s 1 million dollar  life insurance policy but finds out she is no longer the beneficiary. This happens within days of his death, so she wastes no time. She even texted Chad daybell to tell him she couldn't get the life insurance but that “it was done” and that she at least gets the 4000 a month from social security for Charles death. It almost seems as if Chad may have put her up to it. Although no one can be 100 percent sure either way.  


After Charles death Lori became extremely delusional and paranoid. She kept going on about how she had to be really careful now that people were after her. She tells her son Colby she's moving "somewhere cold" but won't tell him where. But she did say she would come back and visit often. Tylee was really depressed about the move but she wouldn't say where they were going and no one was even sure if she knew or not. 


They took off the next day. 


Suspicious text messages were sent from tylee to her brother and it didn't look like how she would normally talk. Like as if someone else was texting from her phone. After that night he never heard from his sister again. All communication stopped. 


That's when Lori's brother in law and wife became suspicious. That's when they reread the emails sent to them from Charles before his murder. At the time they thought he was creating drama and didn't pay attention but that's when something caught their eye. Lori had a list in her email that charles forwarded to colby. The list had assigned everyone a number and listed them as a dark spirit or light spirit. Charles and tylee were listed as dark spirits. Which made the hair on the back of their necks stand up. This wasn't good. Chad daybell was the one who originally made the list that was in lori’s emails. Every person on the list were people who didn't worship Lori or that went against her in any way. 


Chad came up with the concept that people fell on a spectrum of light and dark. Good and evil spirits and ranked them. If you fell low on the list he claimed your spirit left your body which meant that you weren't human anymore. That meant that your soul was caught in limbo or purgatory. The only way to free your spirit from purgatory is to kill the vessel or the body. He actually called them zombies. He believed there were 20,000 zombies and that they should be eradicated. 


He believed that killing zombies could be justified to help him on his mission. The next zombie on the list was Brandon. Brandon was Lori's niece’s husband. Brandon and his wife were in the middle of a divorce when Lori texted Alex and told him that Brandon was a zombie. On October 2nd 2019, Brandon was shot at by an unknown shooter but survived. He told the police that the car seen at the scene looked like Alex coxs’s car and That he was Lori's hitman. The jeep Alex was driving was Charles Vallows vehicle. 


Around that same time, a friend asked Chad about his wife Tammy and he said that he had a vision about her. Chad said he had a vision that Tammy was driving his truck and she went off the road and hit a pole and that he could see her spirit leave her body. 


On Oct 9th 2019 Tammy comes home and a man wearing a ski mask comes walking up to her and shoots at her but he misses and she starts screaming for Chad. He approaches the masked man and tried to talk to him. The man was armed with a paintball gun. He leaves and Tammy is really shaken up by it but at the time she was not suspicious that her own husband was out to kill her. 


Now that's when Chad starts telling people he can't move forward with his plans until the spouses are dead. So he moves his wife to a level 4 dark spirit and says she's ready to depart. Basically trying to get Lori to sic Alex on her so the two of them can be together. 


On Oct 19th 2019, Tammy was found dead in her home, reportedly from natural causes. Chad said she had retired the night before with a “terrible cough” and died in her sleep. No autopsy was preformed onTammy’s body at the time, chad had declined to have an autopsy done n the coroner didn’t overrule any decision because at the time it didn’t seem necessary. However, Tammy had a life insurance policy worth $430,000, in which Chad quickly collected on. 


Chad and Lori believed the world was ending July 22nd, 2020. So, to the two of them, it’s rapidly approaching and there's still work to be done. Meanwhile the family is still panicking because no one has heard from JJ or Tylee at this point and Lori's not giving any information about where her two children are. Kay calls the police to find her grandson JJ and said she hasn't seen him in 2 months, no phone calls, nothing. 


Kay does a little digging and finds out that Lori ordered a wedding band from Amazon on Charles account. The address is listed as coming from Rexburg, Idaho. On November 26th 2019 she sent the police to the address to do a welfare check on JJ. When police show up, Alex and Chad answer the door. Alex told police that JJ was staying with his grandmother, which seemed odd to police since his grandmother was the one to put the call out on him. 


The police question Lori and she says jj is with one of her friends, Melani, in Arizona. But the police can't find or locate this melani. They decide that this is too much and get a search warrant for Lori's home the next day. When the police had gotten to the residence, Chad, Alex, Alex’s wife and Lori had cleared the whole house out and vanished. It was like a Houdini routine, NOW YOU SEE ME, NOW YOU DON’T. Which to police was mad suspect. 


Once the police realized that the kids weren’t able to be accounted for, that they were lying about their whereabouts, and that they were leaving a trail of dead people in their wake, they started looking hard into Lori and Chad.  The Story BLEW UP and became national news. News reporters were helping police as they were looking for information on the whereabouts of tylee and jj. 


Because of how suspicious this case is getting, the police start taking a second look into the death of Chad Daybell’s wife Tammy. The Fremont county prosecutor’s office announced that they would be handling the case going forward. In December of 2021, the police exhume Tammy’s body to perform an autopsy. The results haven’t been made public. 


During the time that police announced they were going to exhume Tammy’s remains, Alex's wife asked Alex if he had anything to do with it. He flatly says no but then says "I think I'm their fall guy".(referring to Chad and Lori) Alex's wife tells her son what Alex said to her and he calls the police. He tells them he thinks Alex killed Tammy but to everyone's shock Alex is found dead the day after the body was exhumed. According to reports, Alex died from a heart attack and it was deemed that he died of natural causes.  


Police issued a search warrant for the home that Chad shared with Tammy and they seized 43 items. While police were trying to locate Lori and Chad, A tip came in that they were in kuaui and their vehicle was searched and seized. Police gave her until Thursday, a week after she was brought in, to produce the kids physically. She didn't of course and she was arrested and brought back to Idaho. Someone Anonymously sent an email to the press that had tons of wedding photos in Hawaii of Chad and Lori.


Yes that’s right FOLKS! Chad and Lori were married in Hawaii on November 5th 2019, two weeks after the death of Tammy Daybell. And do you know what they told people in Hawaii? That Tylee had died in 2017 and that Lori had no minor Children. That’s a strange thing to say if your children are still alive. 


Remember when Kay was looking for JJ? She had saw a purchase on her brother Charles amazon account for a Malacite ring? The anonymous person who sent wedding photos to the media depict Lori wearing the malachite ring purchased on Charles amazon account. It was so distinctive that It was an easy match. Why does this matter? Because he was already deceased when it was purchased. 


While in jail on bond, Lori's son calls his mom and she basically confessed by talking about Abraham and iassac. For you that haven't read the Bible, Abraham is told to sacrifice his son and to have faith in God's plan. But at the last second before Abraham kills his son, God swoops in and stops him, he explains that God was just testing his faith. Which Colby found to be bizarre. Being that his little brother and sister were still missing and shes going on about sacrificing children in the name of the lord. 


Lori is still telling everyone else who asks that the kids are fine and that she put them in a safe place. So her family stood by her side and went on public television to tell everyone Lori was innocent. 


The last communications and sightings of the children were in 2019. On September 23rd 2019, a doorbell video of JJ playing with a friend is the last known video of him. His last confirmed sighting was at Rexurg’s Kennedy elementary school. On September 24th 2019 Lori contacted the school to tell them that she was withdrawing JJ from classes, claiming she would be homeschooling him. 


September 28th 2019 was the last picture taken of the two children in Yellowstone national park. In the photo Alex was in the background. 


In October 2019, two Venmo payments were made from Tylee’s Account to her brother Colby. One payment ws sent on October 10th with a message that read “ we love you” and the second payment was sent on October 16th with a heart emoji. Colby has not heard from Tylee since these texts. 


The fbi traced Alex's phone, around the time the children went missing,  to Chad's home. Alex spent two hours in the backyard and was in, and around, the barn. So the police wanted to search the property to see if they could locate the missing children. During the search, Chad nervously called lori worried about the search. In the middle of the search, Chad jumped in his vehicle and took off in his suv driving pretty fast which led the police to chase him down and arrest him. 


During the search they found human remains by the firepit and pet cemetery. What was left were bones and charred tissue, buried in a shallow grave. Those remains belonged to tylee. By the pond the remains of jj are found wearing his red pajamas and partially burnt. They were murdered on September 8th 2019 which was within a month of them leaving Arizona from Idaho and they remained there the entire time. 


Chad was booked on June 9th 2020 for obstruction or concealment of evidence and then later charged with felony murder. On June 10th his bail was set at 1 million dollars. On July 2nd prosecutors dropped two counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent hildren and then replaced the charge with obstruction or concealment of evidence in regards to her children’s remains. 


On May 25th 2021 Chad and Lori were both indicted on the charge of conspiracy to commit first degree murder, first degree murder and grand theft by deception for the deaths of Tylee, JJ and Tammy. Lor was charged with grand theft related to “social security survivor benefits over 1000 dollars allocated for the care of minors after the minors were missing”. Chad was charged with insurance fraud related to a life insurance policy he had on tammy Daybell. 


Lori was put in a mental health facility for 90 days to make sure she was fit to stand before the court. 


Since the documentary, “a mother’s Sins” came out Colby Ryan, Lori's son, was accused and charged with raping his estranged wife. He went to her home in Mesa, Arizona and allegedly raped her after she decided she didn't want to have sex. She told him to stop and he didn't. 


As far as his guilt is concerned “during a recorded conversation the defendant agreed he “raped” the victim”. (this was stated in the affidavit. Detectives also said Colby “made verbal admissions” during a police interview. 


He was charged with two counts of felony sexual assault.. but then…..


The county attorney’s office dismissed the charges without prejudice, “which allows the office to file charges in the future and allows time for additional review of the case”, spokesperson Jennifer Liewer said. 


Colby was released from custody and must abide by conditions fo his release, including not initiating contact with the alleged victim or the arresting officers and not possessing any drugs without valid prescriptions. 


As far as lori goes according to the Us Sun, A judge announced that the Vallow’s case is suspended until her competency can be determined, which means the January trail is now vacated. The Idaho district court’s announcement comes after the judge previously ruled that she was mentally fit to stand trial.  


The trial was set for January of 2023 but now who knows when they will announce more information. I will keep you updated on the information as I find it via the interwebs. When the trial concludes I may do another update episode. We shall see.