Rogue and Wicked

The Iceman Part ONE

February 10, 2023 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 16
Rogue and Wicked
The Iceman Part ONE
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Show Notes

We talk about confessed mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski in this two parter. In part one we dive deep into his traumatic childhood and early life. Including some of his crimes. Or alleged, crimes... Trigger warning: This particular episode talks about child rape, adult rape, child abuse, animal abuse, animal murder and includes some of the racial slurs that Richard had to endure during his time growing up in jersey city. If that bothers you or is triggering please skip this episode because this is a tough one.

Richard Kuklinski - Wikipedia

The iceman and the psychiatrist: HBO

The Iceman Tapes

Richard Kuklinski - Crime Museum

The iceman confessions of a mafia contract Killer- Philip Carlo


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