Rogue and Wicked

Vicky and Casey White

March 03, 2023 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 20
Rogue and Wicked
Vicky and Casey White
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Star crossed lover episode. A romance made in hell between a well respected correctional officer and an alleged murderer. Come with us on the journey that ended in a nation wide manhunt that ended in a death. 


Hundreds gather for Vicky White's funeral after she shot herself dead during police chase | Daily Mail Online

Casey White Reportedly Cried At Jailor Vicky White's Funeral As Condolences Poured In (

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I am going to start at the end of the story because, why the fuck not? I think we can cause this a story in reverse. Two star crossed lovers that met their own demise in a tale older than time. 


In April of 2022 Vicky white broke her lover, Casey white, out of prison. The two took off from Lauderdale county, Alabama, like Bonnie and Clyde. Vicky was determined to start a life with Casey at any cost. Yes, I know, the two of them have the same last name but they aren't kissing cousins. The two were not related in the slightest. They just happened to have the same last name. 


The two were on the run for 11 days. The entire country was making funny meme's about the two, videos and it was all pretty entertaining. This case gained national news because of who these two were. 


Casey white was a convict, serving a sentence in prison and as for Vicky, well. She was a correctional officer. When police caught up to the two, a high-speed car chase ensued and ended in a crash. When police tried to apprehend the two lovers, Casey was put in cuffs, but they discovered Vicky had been shot in the head. 


Now to understand how we had gotten here we have to understand how this all started...


Vicky white was born on August 19th 1965 and described by family as quiet and private but also kind and always willing to help others. She was married once in 1988 but then divorced in 1991, after only 3 years of marriage. She married again to Tommy White in 2002 and they divorced in 2006 due to his battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Vicky did live with her ex-husband up until his passing in January of 2022 and also remained friends with his family even though Vicky never had any children with her ex-husband. 


Vicky served 17 years with the Lauderdale County sheriff's office and was well respected by her fellow employees. She was looked up to as a mentor and a model employee. Such a model employee, that she won the Employee of the year award 4 times during her 17-year tenure. She was set to win the award for the 5th time for her last year with the facility.


Vicky was due to retire soon and talked to her fellow coworkers about how she was going to go to the beach for 3 or four months and gushing about her retirement. She was so excited to finally be able to enjoy her golden years. 


A few weeks before the jail break Vicky sold her house for 95,550 dollars, which was odd because it was under the market value. In this economy she could have probably gotten double, but I think her motivation was to get some quick cash for her retirement plans.


Vicky moved in with her mother after selling her home. Her mother said that Vicky never mentioned Casey while she was staying with her. Not once... 


Vicky met Casey while he was in prison awaiting trial for murder one. Yes that’s right, the apple of Vicky's eye was a cold blooded murderer. While he was serving a sentence of 75 years for a string of violent crimes, he allegedly wrote a letter in June 2020 requesting to speak with a specific investigator at the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office. In the letter, he confessed to the stabbing murder of Connie Ridgway. Who passed on at only 59 years young. 


Connie Ridgeway was born in Athens, Alabama on July 4th 1956. She was an active member in the Clements Baptist Church in Athems. She was always smiling and happy. Connie was very popular in her community because of her charm and demeanor. Her family described her as a loving caring and giving Christian woman. She has two children Austin Williams and Cameron Williams.


She lived in Meadowland apartments and many of her neighbors were elderly and had fixed incomes. Connie was known to give them rides because most didn’t have cars. She loved the American flag and flew it very patriotically. Connie was creative and loved crafting. She made little angels out of white felt to give to her friends, family and fellow congregation members. She went every Wednesday night and twice Sunday to church with her grandchildren.




The last time Williams saw his mom was August 2015, shortly before his birthday. Connie was always big on birthdays and When Austin and Cameron were kids, she saved enough to get her boys the gifts they wanted – even video games that cost $50 or more. Which was a lot for her the small salary she made working at Hardee’s. Connie loved visiting Atlanta for Austin Williams’ birthdays and Atlanta Braves games. One of the things Williams says he misses most are the Mississippi mud cakes she used to whip up on his birthday. 

In August 2015, Ridgeway was struggling financially. Her second husband had died in 2003 with no life insurance. She was living in Rogersville, a town of 1,400 about 14 miles from the Tennessee border, and wanted to see Williams for his birthday. Williams asked his brother to send her gas money, and to ease the burden, they met halfway at a pizza joint near Birmingham, Alabama.

In 2011, when a call came into the fire department about an apartment on fire, Connie rushed to her neighbor’s house to make sure she was OK and saved her neighbors life. That's how great thus person was. Connie sounds like the kind of woman I'd love to have in my life. She seemed like an authentic really cool person. 


Unfortunately, Connie’s life was cut short On Oct. 23, 2015. At approximately 6pm officers responded to a request for a welfare check at the Meadowland Apartments in Rogersville. A neighbor, who had’nt seen connie in a while went to check on her. That’s when the neighbor had seen the door was ajar. It was loud at the time because right across the complex a highschool football game was going on. It was there, in her meadowland apartment, that they found Connie stabbed to death on her living room floor. Police determined it was a home invasion. Rogersville is a really quiet type of community and Mark White said “that turns a little town like Rogersville upside down”.


No one could figure out who would have done this to Connie. She had no enemies, she lived a good Christian life. The police were so baffled that the case went cold for FIVE YEARS.


Casey White was arrested in 2015 following a multi-state crime spree that occurred on a single night, according to He was charged in Limestone County, Alabama, with home invasion, two carjackings, and multiple shootings that left a dog dead and a woman injured.


He was charged in Giles County, Tennessee, with two counts of first-degree burglary and one count of first-degree robbery. Charges of attempted murder and kidnapping were also added after he allegedly tried to shoot his girlfriend and held her roommate’s hostage, according to NBC Birmingham affiliate WVTM-TV.


It was while he was in William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility that he allegedly confessed for killing Connie Ridgeway but recanted his confession after he was transferred to Lauderdale County detention center. The transfer occurred when he was shanked a few times in jail. He wanted to be transferred to a county jail because of his fear of being murdered. During his arraignment in October of 2020, He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Casey was then charged with capital murder during a first degree burglary and murder for pecuniary gain. That means authorities believe he was paid to carry out this murder as a murder for hire. Which I found interesting, If Connie is the way people describe her then why would someone want her dead?


Casey White was born on August 20th, 1983 so he’s only 39 at this moment which means this dude is my age. He is a tall guy, who towers at 6 foot 9 and he is covered in tattoos. It’s important to note that some of them are white supremacist symbols. Which kind of gives you a little insight into his persona in prison. 


In 2012 Casey was sentenced to 3 years in prison for beating his brother in the face and head, with the handle of an axe/sledgehammer. So I think it’s safe to say he had issues with his family. 


It was said that " based on Casey’s history, he’s someone who has to be on medication, or he becomes unstable and violent. " Casey also said if he ever had ever gotten out of prison he would kill his sister and his ex-girlfriend. Which gives you a little insight into his psyche. 


When it came to Vicky the jailers also sang a different tune when confronted with her and Casey's relationship. They said no one was surprised that Vicky had done this. Tyson Johnson worked with Vicky until he was wrongfully terminated. He told the press that she was cold and calculative. 


I think her life was just mundane and reliable. She saw an opportunity for excitement and adventure and took it as many women who are into criminals want to do. Hybristophilia is the attraction to and/or sexual interest in those who commit crimes, particularly heinous and violent crimes such as rape and murder," says Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist and Professor of Justice. 


We have known many serial killers and murderers, in the past, who had a huge following considering the intense violence of their crimes. Ted Bundy had carol Boone , whom he fathered a child with until his death. Charles Manson and Afton Burton started dating while he was in prison and he married her At 26 years old. The difference is that these women never really were alone with these killers. Not without correctional officers close by. Vicky however had gotten to live her fantasy and escape with her adventure and intrigue. 


Vicky and Casey started their relationship two years before the car crash in 2020. The two had to navigate their relationship around the other guards and cameras. Trying to keep it secret. Exchanging glances, conversation and even taking their relationship to the next level with some spicy sexual phone calls. There were two years of edging this relationship until they could be together. If only they could escape and be together for real. And there it was, a plan in the works. That's when Vicky sold her home and moved in with her mother. Stacking away that retirement money. 


Finally, after two years of waiting, Vicky decided to make her escape with boyfriend Casey White on the morning of April 29th, 2022. They were caught on camera exiting the building with Casey in cuffs and Vicky escorting him to a police cruiser. Because of her exemplary employee standard no one really questioned Vicky when she told fellow officers she was taking Casey to the county courthouse in Florice for a psych Eval. They did think it was strange because normal protocol was that two prison guards were to escort an inmate for psych evals. Also, she told them she was also going to see her personal physician because she was not feeling well that day. But no one really challenged her because of her position in the facility. 


When they never returned, the Lauderdale county sheriff’ department checked to see the courthouse’s itinerary and there were no hearings or evals that day. They were given a surveillance video taken at the local gas station, which showed Vicky’s patrol car only 8 minutes after they had left the detention center. At this point the police believe Vicky had been kidnapped and/or coerced to cooperate. Kinda leaning towards her being the victim in this situation. 


That’s when they issued a statewide manhunt to find the pair and bring them back unharmed. This statewide manhunt went into a full-blown nationwide manhunt when the police discovered that Vicky had been giving Casey preferential treatment at the detention center for two years prior to the escape. They discovered Vicky giving him extra food and privileges that the other inmates weren’t getting. Which raised an eyebrow with the investigators. They also uncovered that the day they escaped, was the day Vicky was set to retire, but she never finalized the paperwork. 


At this point it was clear to investigators there was something else going on here other than a kidnapping and it was too late at this point. They were outta there. After Vicky abandoned her patrol car at the gas station she had another one lined up. She took her Ford Edge and they were off. During the manhunt they found the Ford abandoned in Williamson County, Tennessee, hours after they escaped. They were no where to be found because they switched to a blue 2006 Ford F-150 pick up truck. They headed north and checked in and out of several motel’s along the way. Vicky dyed her hair black and no one was the wiser. 


Eventually they ended up in Evansville, Indiana. They nested there for a while and rented a motel room. They were able to go undetected because they paid a homeless, convicted sex offender, one hundred dollars to reserve the room for them. Of course the homeless man hadn’t seen the news and was none the wiser that the two were on the run. In advance they paid for a 14 day stay at this motel. 


Meanwhile on the news, the authorities put bounties on their heads, offering up 5000 dollars for information leading to their capture. They told people not to approach them because they were armed and dangerous. Casey himself, was deemed so violent that even the law enforcement were advised to approach him with caution. 


Casey and Vicky went to the car wash near the motel to wash the pickup truck. Probably to get rid of fingerprints and DNA evidence that could lead to their capture. Unfortunately for them, a car wash employee recognized them and sent the police footage of them washing the truck. Afterward they were spotted getting into a Cadillac DTS. Once the officers had the car, they were driving they started driving around the area looking for the couple. Checking local hotels and motels. Eventually a police officer saw the Cadillac parked outside of a Motel 41 and he called for backup. 


That’s when the couple left the motel and hopped into the car. Casey was driving and they took off on highway 41 with the cops in hot pursuit. A police vehicle eventually rammed the Cadillac, causing it to flip over and it landed into a ditch. Once the car was in the ditch Vicky called 911. During the 911 call Vicky is talking about how the air bags were about to go off. She then kept saying let's just get out and run. Then there was an audible struggle and the call ends. 


When police approached the vehicle Vicky was bleeding out from a gunshot wound to the head. She didn't murmur anything, she was incapacitated and police said that Casey was not visibly upset at the death and alleged suicide of his girlfriend. BUTTTTTT… when police moved in on the vehicle Casey White surrendered right away and told the officers, “Please help my wife. She shot herself in the head and I didn’t do it.” In the Cadillac, police found 29000 in cash, 4 handguns, wigs and an ar-15 


Vicky was rushed to a local hospital, because she was still alive but barely alive when she was taken away. She was pronounced dead just hours later. The coroner ruled her death a suicide. Vicky’s body was transferred back to Alabama and her interment took place at center hill cemetery in Lexington, on May 14, 2022. Approximately 200 people attended the funeral, including some coworkers, friends and former inmates. 


In contrast to the police’s statement that Casey was emotionless, when he learned of Vicky’s death, he cried unconsolably. 


Casey was returned to Alabama the next day. He waived his right for an extradition hearing. They didn’t put him back into the same facility though, instead he was transferred to the state prison in Bessemer, Alabama. Casey’s motion for a preliminary trial was denied but a trial date was set for the murder of Connie ridgeway. December 12th 2022. 


On July 11th Casey was charged with felony murder for the death of Vicky White. Even though, her death was ruled a suicide. There are police that believe that Vicky didn’t shoot herself. One said officer was sheriff rick Singleton. 


Crystal Shores, 42, a former inmate at Lauderdale County Jail turned up at vicky’s funeral to mourn her memory. “I am a criminal, and I did my time and Vicky never treated us like prisoners, she treated us like people,” she said. “She was a very nice kindhearted woman. Casey is a snake in the grass, and I hope he gets what he deserves,” Shores added. 


Vicky’s brother, Tyler Rolin described Casey as a master manipulator in connection to a previous case with another girlfriend who also tragically died from an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound to her chest while she was staying with Casey in his trailer. 


While many suspect Casey might have pulled the trigger in the car. There was no physical evidence. As there was no blood on his clothing and he appeared genuine. So I guess we will see what comes out in trial. 


Motel 41 is poppin now though. This story, even with the sad ending, had brought on a bunch of looky loo’s and that motel is always getting bookings now. So many bookings they have a waiting list. 

Also there’s a silver lining in the works for the Williams family. Connie’s two sons, Austin and Cameron Williams, and family friend, Mark White, are working on a bill to notify victims or family members of victims that an inmate has been transferred.

Mark White, a local radio host and former police officer, told News 19 that Connie Ridgeway’s family did not know that Casey White had been transferred from the Donaldson Correctional Facility to the Lauderdale County Jail until officials announced that Casey White had escaped.

He later said that he believes victims should know the location of the accused and should also be able to tell authorities why they think an inmate should or should not be moved. “The reason that ‘Connie’s Law’ is so important is so that we don’t re-victimize families, but rather empower them,” White said. As of right now there is no date set to have this bill proposed but they hope to have a legislator sponsor it after the election that happened in November.


You know me, I go down rabbit holes. I don’t report on reddit garbage because its just people like you and me but there’s a whole world of conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Connie ridgeway if you are interested. The Sheriff involved, Last name Blakley was arrested for Larceny involving the jail, elderly people and a plethora of other resources that he used his title to rob for personal gain. He was basically stealing funds. I’m not going to get into the whole thing but that’s a little synapses. Well reddit users seem to think that the Casey white confession was coerced by means of transfer. Meaning Casey wanted to get transferred badly and that possibly that the sheriff arranged it for a conviction. I am not claiming this, or supporting this, I’m just reporting on the keyboard detectives and their theories. I found that interesting. I found a bunch of articles but no smoking gun. So I cant say either way. But it did give me a pause because who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?




Hundreds gather for Vicky White's funeral after she shot herself dead during police chase | Daily Mail Online


Casey White Reportedly Cried At Jailor Vicky White's Funeral As Condolences Poured In (




Before he escaped with his jailer, the Alabama fugitive stood accused of killing a sweet, patriotic mom who never forgot birthdays | CNN