Rogue and Wicked

Charles Michael Brown

March 17, 2023 Tiffany and Wendy Season 1 Episode 21
Rogue and Wicked
Charles Michael Brown
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Show Notes

During research for Jaime or Jamie osuna, we stumbled upon Charles Michael Brown. Convicted of one murder and multiple rapes. KGET TV says that its suggested that Charles might be connected to other crimes. According to witnesses and anonymous sources, its pretty evident that he maybe responsible for more crimes. 

We dive deep into the investigational Journalism done by KGET TV and talk about what we think about the matter. Plus we give you a detailed time line of his crimes, prison releases and the crimes linked to him. Join us while we talk about " Bakersfield's secret serial killer"

Police are still looking for information to solve the other crimes. If you have any information please contact the Bakersfield police department @ 661-327-7111


Kget 17 "Bakersfield's secret serial killer" "timeline"


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