Rogue and Wicked

The Boy in the Box PART I

March 31, 2023 Tiffany Season 1 Episode 23
Rogue and Wicked
The Boy in the Box PART I
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Show Notes

We are taking you back to 1957... to philadelphia's oldest cold case to date. Yes, This is still unsolved but there has been a huge break in the case as of lately.  On susquehanna road in philadelphias fox chase section, a boy was found dead, beaten and naked, inside of a box. 

We take you through all of the theories and the investigation of this 66 year old case and leave you with part two... In part two i give you the current information in the case and its a tragic but beautiful case of how the investigators really cared about this boy. 

So join us for a good ol who dunnit... 


the mysterious death of the boy in the box, buzzfeed unsolved network, YouTube. 

 and The boy in the box: the unsolved case of americas unknown child by david stout

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