Rogue and Wicked

The Murder of Nikki Kuhnhausen

May 12, 2023 Tiffany and Wendy Season 1 Episode 21
Rogue and Wicked
The Murder of Nikki Kuhnhausen
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Show Notes

This case brought to light the injustice's in Washington State Law and helped change the trans-panic defense strategy in the judicial system. Nikki Kuhnhausen was a bright and beautiful teenage girl who's light was snuffed out at an extremely early age. 
Check out this episode, as we bring up some controversial topics about the LGBTIQ community and share our own personal experiences involving the hate that many people shine onto the community. 

How I caught my killer ep:1 s:1 HULU

48 hours: the life and death of nikki kuhnhausen

Justice for Nikki Task Force (

United States Department of Justice-Hate Crimes

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